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Welcome to HomeOffice4us, your number one source for tips and tricks around working in your home office and working from home.

In recent years more and more people work from home. Either due to the pandemic that caused many to find alternative ways of work, or because of a deliberate decision. Other work from home just temporary.

But all have the the same challenges in common - especially when working from home for the first time. Many things just work different when working in your home office.

The are distractions at home, self motivation when working alone in your home, organization of the workplace and the work day, and many more challenges that come along when working from home.


Homeoffice4us.com is dedicated to address these concerns and to give you answers and valuable tips to overcome these obstacles and to make your home office experience as pleasant as possible.

Then authors of these articles are all freelancers that work from home already for quite some time and know exactly the difficulties that working from home can bring - but also got much experience in overcoming them.

Here we are sharing with you the most valuable information on a variety of topics - all centred around working from home in your home office.

Over the time we will add more and more content, as well as a number of products and home office supplies that we found very helpful.

Please send us your comments and questions you may have with regards to working in a home office. We are happy to address them. Or you may have unique solution to a certain problem that you want to share with other


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