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We accept guest posts on our webpage. But we only accept blog posts that are helpful in some way to our readers.

Please write in an easy to understand style. Since most of our readers are in the US we only can accept blog posts that are written in proper and grammarly correct English.

In return for your awesome article we will:

  • feature your article on our main page banner as well as a snippet on the main page later on.
  • send an email to our subscribers to notify them about a new great blog post on our page


But in order to publish your guest post please adhere to the following guidelines:

Posts Must Be 100% Original

  • No plagiarism! We use Copy cape and will not allow any content that does not pass the test.
  • Also no “self-plagiarism”: You can’t “borrow” sentences from your own prior published content, or from company blog posts or webpages.


If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it. Some examples of disclosures:

  • Citing original data/research from your company: “(Disclosure: I work for [insert company name here])”
  • “My case study features the [company name], a client of mine.”
  • “My business partner, [name], wrote the case study below.”

Experiences involving a client or business partner should be approved in advance by your Managing Editor and must contain a disclosure of the relationship in the article. Please note that client, company and colleague mentions will be removed if it does not serve the purpose of adding value for our readers.

Post Length

  • Our minimum post length for guest posts is 800 words.
  • Most posts that appear on Homeoffice4us are between 1,500 and 2,000 words.
  • If you want to write an in-depth post that is 3,000 words, 4,000 words, or even longer, please ask for approval first.

Note: Longer posts tend to get more pageviews, time on page, and social love. However, they also burn you out a lot quicker. Remember, you could probably turn that monster post into 3 or 4 more targeted posts instead!

The best posts are clear, concise and only as long as they need to be. After all, our readers are busy. Tell them what they need to know and get out.

What Can I Write about?

  • Write about how to overcome challenges when working from home
  • Write about tips that makes working from home easier.
  • Write about equipment ideas for your home office.
  • Write about your personal experience as you worked from home
  • Write about Money Making Ideas from your home office.
  • Write about money Saving Tips and Tricks.
  • Write additional information for an existing blog on our site.
  • And much more….

Really, working from home and home-office is a vast field.

What Not to Write About

We do not publish content pertaining to gambling, weapons and firearms, pornography, or other industries/topics that may violate Google’s content policies.

In-Article Links

Links to third-party authoritative sources tell the reader that you are incorporating third-party perspectives and evidence in support of your argument. But links need to appear natural. Avoid links that appear promotional.

That means:

  • No links to people’s home pages for their companies for quotes or cited sources. Linking to sources’ Twitter handles, LinkedIn profile, or another type of bio page is OK.
  • No self-promotional calls to action (“Our new blog post covers this topic in detail. Click here to read!”).
  • No linking to gated content.
  • Any links that appear promotional or superfluous will be removed by editorial staff.
  • We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link at any time, before or after an article is published.
  • No links to websites in these areas: pills/RX, porn, gambling, and payday loans.

Images in Your Guest Post

  • Use one main image in the format 1880x940px to match our layout.
  • Images within the text must have a minimum width of  800px
  • No memes and GIFs.
  • Instagram embeds: You need to obtain written consent from the account holder first. Otherwise, we can’t include it. (We also cannot accept screenshots of Instagram content to get around this due to potential copyright infringement issues.)
  • All in-post photos must be center-aligned, unless they are aligned with text.
  • No external links are allowed on images.
  • Of course all images your are using in your guest post must be yours or royalty free.

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