Do you want to know what the disadvantages of working from home are? Is it hard for you to handle your office tasks at home? According to a 2016 report, 47% of people prefer to work from the office, whereas 53% prefer to hold office work from home to do the house chores.
For those who have children, working from home may seem to be a good solution. It allows them to schedule their day on their own can take care of their children. But still, there are some disadvantages to working from home. The most common are:
1. Children & family demands extra attention
2. Difficulty to concentrate on work
3. People will never believe that you are working
4. You cannot access your documents
5. Lack of Communication
Let’s get into the discussion below!

1. Children & family demand extra attention

While you are at home and engaged with your office work, your kids and family will demand your attention and focus all the time.
They would never let you do your work with full concentration and dedication.

2. Difficulty to concentrate on work

Another major drawback of working from home is your inability to focus on your work.
You will get distracted by certain home activities or kids playing around you, making it hard for you to pay attention to your office projects.

3. People will never believe that you are working

Since you are not at home all day, some of your family members may enter your office space unannounced. They will never leave you alone because they believe in the fact that you are not working.
Some other usual factors will be random phone calls, doorbells, or other sounds from the house that will distract you.

4. You cannot access your documents

While you are working at your home, you will probably miss some of your necessary office equipment.
This would also cause a disturbance for you to access your documents. The majority of the papers are available in soft copy without virtual access.
This will make it hard to access them when you need them.
Confirm that you have a copy of all files and documents on your laptop for private or sensitive office documents. You should make sure that the documents are safe in the virtual or electronic format.

5. Lack of Communication

Not having face-to-face communication with your workmates can present a real challenge.
For delivering better results, feedback ad brainstorming of ideas is essential. And for that sake, you should get into a feel of communication which is not possible in from the home office.
It is a fact that by working in isolation, all your creativity eventually gets stopped. You cannot concentrate on your work properly and would never be able to develop new ideas.


These have been a few major drawbacks of working from home, which is getting quite common these days due to the pandemic situation.
Even though you are working from home, you should never lose dedication towards your work and bring the best results out of your work.
Of course working remotely from home has also major benefits. Read the article HOME OFFICE: REGULATION, ADVANTAGES, 50 TIPS and HOME OFFICE: THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES for more information on this topic.