How Do I Make My Desk Look Aesthetic?


Whether you are a typist or a software engineer, your general work office space plays a huge role in your overall productivity. To be more specific, how your office home desk looks can have a direct impact: Either it will make you feel more motivated to work better and smarter, or you may feel bored and unmotivated to work. But you may wonder “How do I make my desk look aesthetic?”  Well, let us dive into it.

A creative work office space with an aesthetic desk has got the power to influence your mood. 46% of professionals admitted that their existing workspace heavily impacts their productivity.

There are various ways by which you can make your home office desk look aesthetic. Some of the top ways to make your desk look aesthetic include choosing the right colors. This consists of the color of the desk itself and the decor that you will place on the desk.

Setting up your desk next to a window that lets in natural light is also a great way to make your desk look aesthetic. In this article, I will expand on the mentioned ways and highlight more ways to make your desk look more aesthetic.



Believe it or not, colors have the power to influence productivity and creativity, and innovation. Science has credible research to support this claim. The science of color therapy reveals that colors help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, various studies like this one that has explored the effects of color on employee wellness revealed the following:

“Low-wavelength colors, like restful green and calming blue, improve efficiency and focus. They also lend an overall sense of well-being. Meanwhile, mellow yellow is energetic and fresh. It is said to trigger innovation.”  Co-author of The Future-Proof Workplace and human resource expert, Linda Sharkey confirms that colors are extremely important for work productivity.

Below, I will highlight to you how two types of specific colors on your desk will influence creativity, productivity, and innovation.

  • Saturated Blue Colors– these types of colors have been reported to be ideal for increasing alertness. This would be super beneficial to you if you work the night shift. The color blue, in general, is said to simulate light from a daytime sky. This simulation affected the circadian system.

From a biological point of view, the circadian system is responsible for the regulation of establishing normal sleep and wake phases and patterns. Saturated blue colors range from azure, Prussian blue, sapphire, cobalt blue to oxford blue. More examples of saturated blue colors can be found here.

  • Saturated Red Colors – these types of colors have been reported to have strong alerting effects. This effect serves as a double win because it does not in any way decrease the hormone melatonin. The hormone melatonin helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms. Saturated red colors are often compared to the same result as you would get with drinking a cup of coffee.

These types of colors are also revealed to foster excitement and build energy. Saturated red colors range from cherry, mahogany, ruby, scarlet to currant. More examples of saturated red colors can be found here.

Therefore, picking out the right colors will not only make your desk look more aesthetic but increase your creativity, productivity, and innovation all at the same time. Sweet double win!


If possible, try and restructure your desk to have fewer 90-degree angles. Research conducted by Oshin Vartanian revealed that a desk will look more aesthetic with curvilinear edges rather than rectilinear edges.

Once again, science has got its explanation for this. It is said that curves activate the anterior cingulate cortex exclusively. This region of the human brain is said to be highly influential. The anterior cingulate cortex is also said to be responsible for linking behavioral outcomes, positive emotional responses, and motivation.

Thus, upon seeing an office desk with curves, your anterior cingulate cortex will view it as more aesthetic than a desk with rectangular edges. Away from science, a curved-shape desk is not common. Therefore- working on one would automatically make your workspace feel unique. An example of a beautifully curved aesthetically pleasing office desk can be seen here.



Natural light has got mood-boosting effects. These effects have been linked to a more creative mindset. Various studies done by the Northwestern University of Chicago have reported a strong relationship between natural daylight exposure.

The studies on exposure to natural daylight have shown the influence on activity, sleep, and quality of life. In addition to this, natural daylight shining on your desk will make the colors pop more. This would in turn make your desk look more lively and creative.

An accurate example of how natural daylight can make your desk look more aesthetic can be seen here. In the case that your desk is not able to be next to a natural source of light, do not worry. Investing in a simple desk lamp could have a similar effect to that of natural light.


Placing a vase or two on your desk has more benefits than just creating an aesthetic look to your desk. A study conducted by Nursery & Garden Industry reported that indoor foliage or indoor plants can positively influence mood. The study revealed that individuals that had an indoor plant placed on their desk showed the following:

  • A 37% reduction in anxiety
  • A 30% reduction in confusion
  • A 44% reduction in anger
  • A 38% reduction in fatigue
  • A 58% reduction in depression

An indoor plant such as succulents will add more color to your home office. In addition to the above benefits, this will result in your desk looking more aesthetic and being “healthy” to work at. For a plant to survive, it mainly needs water and exposure to sunlight.

If your desk is not next to a window, do not worry. Indoor plants that need no sun or can survive under low and/or little to no light include but are not limited to:

  • Bromeliad
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Dracaena
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Parlor Palm
  • Peace Lily
  • Peacock Plant
  • Prayer Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Succulents

An impressive example of an office with the incorporation of an indoor plant can be found here.


There are so many ways to add personality to a desk. You can paint the desk a fun color, or you can add some personal touches like photos, plants, or framed inspirational quotes. You can also use a desk organizer to store all of your supplies in one place. The best way to make your desk feel like home is to put your own personal touch on it!

Adding personal touches to your desk is the ultimate way to making your desk look more aesthetic. Elements that could help you personalize your space include but are not limited to these ideas:

  • Photo frames of family and/or friends. Polaroid pictures from your most favorite memory could also fit well.
  • Artwork that resonates deeply with you. This could range from abstract paintings and those of nature to classical paintings. You can also have small sculptures decorate your desk.
  • Printing out your favorite quotations and sticking or placing them on your desk.
  • Flowers are an easy way to brighten and make your desk beautiful. All you need is to add a vase of 2 or 3 stems of flowers that you like and voila, an instant facelift!

Add a desk organizer, like a tray or drawer unit.

A desk organizer is a great way to add personality to your desk. You can find a variety of styles and colors to match any personality or style. For example, you could get a desk organizer with a tray for pens and pencils, or a drawer unit for paper clips and stamps.

Add a lamp or other light fixture.

A desk lamp, for example, can be a great way to add personality to your work space. You can choose something that matches your style or personality, or you can go for something more neutral. If you don’t have a desk lamp, you can also use a floor lamp. This will give your desk a lot of light and make it easier to see what you are doing.

Add a small sculpture.

One of the easiest ways to add personality to a desk is by adding a small sculpture. The sculpture can be something that you made or something you found. It can be anything from a family photo to a tiny animal figurine.

Add a photo frame or art.

The easiest way to add personality to your desk is to add a photo frame or some other type of art. Photos are a great way to make your desk feel like your own. You can also use magnets, postcards, or other items that you find interesting and that represent your personality.

The main purpose of personalizing your space is to make it reflect a part of who you are. This way your desk will have a touch of uniqueness to it and not just look plain.

Add a plant.

As already mentioned, plants are great for adding personality to a desk, and they also help clean the air. They provide a fresh look and feel to the space. Plus, plants can be used as decoration in other ways. For example, you can use a plant as a centerpiece on your desk or you can use it to spruce up your cubicle. If you’re not keen on having plants in your office, you can buy fake plants.



One way you can get your home office better organized is using color-coding the items on your desk. This would especially be helpful to use in your files or folders. By keeping your office desk clutter-free, your desk will not only look more aesthetic but it will be easier to complete work in a shorter amount of time.

However, with all the coded files, indoor plants, and decor, a disorganized desk will never look aesthetic. If anything, it will end up looking tasteless. This will not just affect the visual appeal of your desk but disrupts your workflow.

messy or rather disorganized desk is said to:

  • Cause Distractions – with everything being everywhere on your desk, your concentration levels are lowered. Imagine you are on your desk working when you see a magazine from 2 years ago on your desk. You begin reading an interesting article.

Before you know it, you are on page 18 of the magazine and you stopped working. Keeping your desk organized and without clutter will help you lower distractions by knowing what to have on your desk and what not to have on your desk. This way, you can focus on your work without interruptions from distractions.

  • Increase Task Completion Time – as previously mentioned, a messy or rather disorganized desk will often be filled with distractions. In addition to that, looking for important documents such as forms, statements, even pens will be a waste of time because they are not organized.

Thus, a task that you would have completed in 5 minutes could end up taking you 20 minutes to complete. It is advised to organize items into folders and containers. For example, have your pens in pen holders and your documents and/or forms in folders or files.

  • Lower Self-Confidence – the University of Chicago conducted research that shows how disorganization makes an individual feel. The study revealed that disorganization will often make an individual feels as though they no longer have control over their lives. This leads to decreased self-confidence. In turn, it leads to a self-defeating work environment where the individual will often give up on their task(s) or Project(s) halfway through.

In the case that the individual continued working on a disorganized desk, the work that the produced was reported to subpar in general. Therefore, having and working on an organized desk would help you have a sense of control. This in turn will lead to an increased level of self-confidence which will make you feel motivated to produce high quality work.

Why Does Wood Make Your Home Office Look More Esthetic?

Wood is a natural material that has been used for centuries in construction and furniture. It’s not surprising that it’s often the choice for a home office because it’s durable, beautiful, and just the right amount of rustic. Wood can be used in any room of the house, but there are some specific benefits to using it in your home office. The following article will explore a few reasons why wood is the perfect material for your home office.


Wood is a natural material.

The natural look of wood brings a calming, organic feel to any office. It is also a renewable resource and has a low environmental impact. The use of wood in an office also creates a sense of warmth that can be appreciated by all occupants. In the end, wood can be used as an environmentally friendly option for office furniture.


Wood is a renewable resource.

Wood is a renewable resource, so it’s a sustainable choice for your office. Wood furniture is also easy to repair and can be refinished. And, if you’re not ready for a complete overhaul, you can always add a new desk or chair to make your office feel fresh.


Wood is warm, and home offices should be cozy.

Wood is a warm material that makes your home office feel cozy. It also looks great with any color scheme, and it can be finished in many different ways to suit your needs. Wood is also a natural material, so it will match with anything you have in your home office.


Wood is durable and sturdy.

Wood is a sturdy material, and it can be made to look beautiful. Wood is also a renewable resource, so it’s not as bad for the environment as some other building materials. It’s a good choice for an office desk or table because it’s durable and sturdy. It will last longer than other materials like plastic or metal.


Wood has a natural beauty to it. Therefore using a lot of wood in your home office furniture and accessories will not only make give your office more style. it also will create a natural feeling and stylish decor. That will make look your entire room look more natural and will inspire creativity.

Therefore consider adding a wooden chair, table, desk, supplies, lamps and lights, and even computer accessories such as your mouse and keyboard


An important part of having a visually appealing desk is ensuring that it stays clean. An organized curved desk with beautiful decor that is dirty would still not look aesthetic. Try and make it a habit to clean your desk with a damp cloth when you are done with the day’s work.

This way, the build of elements such as dust would not happen.

If you do eat on your desk, invest in a placemat like this one. The advantage of having a placemat on your desk is that it would not go directly onto your desk when food and/or your drink spills. The additional benefit to having a placemat is that it would make your desk look more aesthetic. This is because a placemat could double up as a complementary element to the decor on your home office desk.


As this article has highlighted, making your desk look more aesthetic has got benefits beyond just a good visual appeal. Choose the colors that are in alignment with your kind of work. If you work in the finance industry, incorporating saturated blue color on your desk would benefit you.

This is due to the fact saturated blue colors are said to contribute to being alert. Curved desks often a smooth feel to them as well as a unique visual appeal. Placing your curved desk next to a source of natural light will help bring out its beauty more. Placing decor items such as inspiring artworks, pictures of family, and/or your favorite memory will contribute to a brilliantly decorated desk. This is of course not forgetting your favorite quotes for increased motivation.

Also, nothing makes a home office desk more aesthetic than an indoor plant. Not only does an indoor plant positively influence your mood, but it also adds more color to your desk. If your desk is not next to a sufficient light source, opt to have an indoor plant that can survive under low/little and/or light to no levels of light. Last but not least, ensure to keep your desk organized and clean for all the aesthetic elements and features to visually shine.