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We are constantly looking for skilled writers or raising talents.

Get paid to write for us

Thank you for your interest in writing for us. You can start writing and make some money starting today!

Homeoffice4us is dedicated to everything that makes the "working from home" and "home office" experience better.

We are always looking for fresh content. If you have an idea for a great article or want to write about home-office topics even on a regular basis we want to hear from you.

But you don’t need to come up with an idea that revolutionized home office. Just bring a fresh prospective, helpful tips or just your own experience as someone who experienced working from home. 

What Can I Write about?

We are looking for fresh, original and well-written articles. We absolutely do not publish spin articles or even worse - copy and paste articles. So your articles need to written by you and must be original and exclusive for us.

Are you ready to start writing for us today?  You can write about:

  • How to overcome challenges when working from home
  • Tips that makes working from home easier.
  • Equipment ideas for your home office.
  • Your personal experience as you worked from home
  • Money Making Ideas from your home office.
  • Money Saving Tips and Tricks.
  • Write additional information for an existing blog on our site.
  • And much more....

Really, working from home and home-office is a vast field.

We Want to Pay You to Write for Us

We will pay you to write articles for us even if you have never written anything for anybody before. 


How much  money can I make?

Articles that are selected for publication will be paid between $5 to $25.00 via PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit -  depending on the length of the article.

We publish articles of anywhere between 500 – 3000 words, depending on subject complexity. 1500 words is the average length.


Can I add backlinks to my homepage?

Yes, you can also use the blog article you write to build links to your homepage. But in this case, we can not pay you money. But we both benefit when we publish your article.


How can I start making money today?

It's really very simple:

  • STEP 1: Tell us the topic you want to write about. Then explain your viewpoint,  your new perspective to the topic, what’s helpful or unique about your approach. Let us know why the article would be beneficial for our readers. 
  • STEP 2: Send the first paragraph of your article and then outline what you plan to cover in the rest of your article.
  • STEP 3: Tell us about yourself - where are you coming from, your background, why you want to write for us and so on.
  • STEP 4: Include the keywords “Guest Post Submission For Homeoffice4us” in your email subject lines. Please don't forget that as we get many emails and your request could get burred.
  • STEP 5: Send your outline to
  • STEP 6: Our Team and I will personally review your submission and determine whether we can publish your article idea. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and  you can finish your article.
  • STEP 7: Your article will be published, and you get your cash.


When you write articles more often, and we see that you are passionate about it, and the articles fit to our site we can even arrange for a monthly or even weekly blog post from you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!