What Is The Minimum Size For A Home Office Desk?

Whether you are trying to set up your new home office or intend to replace the old desk in your home office, you must know the minimum size you need for your home office desk. But what Is The minimum size for a home office desk?

The minimum size for a home office desk is between 712mm to 720, which provides a considerable amount of workspace.

But far from that, there are factors you’ll need to know when choosing the minimum or right size of desk for your home office.

In that regard, this article is tailored to walk you through the most frequently asked questions, including desk measurement, so you’ll have a more informed decision about the perfect size of disk for your home office.

Understanding Office Desk Measurements

Understanding desk measurement is the first step in picking the perfect desk size for your home office because it always affects the amount of workspace left.
But it can be confusing when it comes to the depth and width of an office desk, so and sometimes people end up going for the wrong desk size.

So, it’s a concept you have to understand not to make that mistake. Below are the measurements you have to take note of.

  • Height (H): The height of a desk is the measurement from the base down to the desk’s top.
  • Width (W): The desk’s width is the measurement of the office desk from left to right. It mainly considered the amount of working space the desk has to offer.
  • Depth (D): This is the measurement of the office desk from back to front as you use it in the office.

The height of the desk, width, and depth determine the office desk’s size, so because of that, you must keep this into check, especially if you’re making the purchase online.

What Should Be The Minimum Height Of An Office Desk?

As a standard, people between 5ft and 6.5ft tall should go for an office desk with a height of 712mm to 762mm to be comfortable when using any regular office chair.

Nevertheless, the minimum height of an office chair is always between 620mm to 712mm. Anything less than that becomes too low and will compromise your comfort.

Most office desks like the ones you’ll see online and in a local furniture outlet are around 720mm high so that most people can use them.

However, if you’re more than 6.5ft, chances are the heights we’ve made mention of won’t suit you. In such a case, you’ll need to consider or opt-in for an adjustable desk.

Yes, an adjustable desk allows you to easily adjust the desk’s height both in a sitting and standing position so that you’ll be more comfortable.
Plus, adjustable desks are perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t like sitting for look hours or switching between sitting and standing while working.

Nevertheless, whichever type of disk you intend to use – regular or adjustable, you have to make sure that the height is of the right size so you’ll be comfortable.

What Should The Depth Of My Office Desk Be?

Most times, the desk depth gets forgotten about or isn’t seen as necessary as the height of width.

You have to understand that the desk depth is a crucial factor to consider if you want enough space for your work. It should provide adequate room for the equipment you need.

An office desk’s depth usually is between 506mm and 760mm, having a width of at least 620mm. No matter how small the size of the office desk you intend to use, it should offer good depth for extra workspace.

Now, if you’re using your office desk for computer work like typing, the best depth to use between 710mm and 752mm, so that you’ll have a relative amount of space for other office equipment.

If you’re looking for a wide desk and not a minimum, you should go for a desk with 800mm, which is regularly the maximum used.
You’ll have enough extra workspace to fit in other equipment like your mouse, keyboard, printer, and even a scanner.

It’s essential to check the depth of the under disk storage you’re going to use because you don’t want it more profound than the office desk itself.
Asides from that, having a desk with a narrow under storage can be pretty unpleasant when trying to reach from your desk.

How Wide Should My Office Desk Be?

As we’ve earlier mentioned, the minimum width for an office desk is 620mm, anything smaller than such size will lead to discomfort, and you wouldn’t want that.

You have to consider the equipment you’re likely going to place on the desk and how often you intend to use the desk.
If you don’t have enough space in your office to fit in a large desk, then the more reason you’ll need a smaller desk which offers a minimum size.

Using a concise desk will provide your office with more space and a larger work surface to place office equipment.

Unlike standard office desks usually built with widths between 800mm and 1800mm, a small office desk has a 580-620mm width.

How Do I Decide How Big My Desk Should Be?

Now that you have some knowledge about desk measurements, you must think about what will suit your need.
A few factors influence how big your office desk should be, whether you’re going for the minimum or maximum size.

Available space
What’s the space of your office? Will it accommodate a large desk, or will a small disk do the job. You have to think about this.

Your office chair
When deciding on the desk’s size for your home office, it’s also essential that you consider your chair’s height. It will curb out the issue of you going for a desk too high or low.

What equipment needs to fit on it?
The equipment that will go into your desk is a factor you have to consider so that you but the size that accommodates your equipment and still provide some workspace.

What is the shape of the desk?
The shape of the desk you intend to use, whether a rectangular, square, or corner disk, determines the size.

How often you intend to use the desk?
Will you be using your desk every day or occasionally? Is the disk for a computer or hobbies like art? Some factors will determine what the size of your office desk should be.

Once you thought about all of the questions above, you should have a better insight into the right size for your office desk, including the minimum and maximum size you’ll need.

Typical Office Desk Dimensions

The size of a typical executive disk is 60 x 30 x 30 in inches and 152 x 76 x 76 (cm). A medium office desk measure 36 x 24 x 30 in inches and 92 x 61 x 76 (cm)

That’s the dimension for a typical and medium office desk, which you can use if your office offers such kind of space for these disk types. But if you’re looking for something smaller, you can check out the minimum desk dimensions.

Minimum Office Desk Dimensions

Just the way large desk can fit into a large office, they are also some minimum size desk that will fit perfectly into your office.
These minimum desk dimensions are explicitly designed for homes and small offices that need a compact and simple office desk.

They are designs based on how it best suits the human body and the activities likely to occur.


  • The minimum width is 24inches with 61cm, designed for a single person.
  • Minimum depth clearance (knee level) – 18 inches with 46cm
  • Minimum depth clearance (foot level) – 24 inches with 61cm
  • Minimum height clearance (foot level) – 4 inches with 10cm


  • Minimum width – 20 inches at 51cm
  • Minimum depth – 31 inches with 71cm

What Office Desk Height Do I Need?

Like we’ve earlier mentioned, if you’re purchasing an office desk, you need to choose the desk height that will suit the type of work you’ll be doing in the office.

If you’re a big fan of a desk with both sitting/ standing combinations, you might want to consider buying an adjustable desk or a bar height desk.

What Desk Width Do I Need?

If you’re likely to use the desk for studying or other computer-related tasks, it’s helpful if the disk’s size offers a good area for reading, writing, and typing with ease.

You can try a desk with this kind of size:

  • Laptop area (18 inches)
  • Writing and reading area (20 inches)
  • Extra workspace (12 inches)

A desk with such a design should give you a 5-foot office desk width.

What Desk Depth Do I Need?

I will keep pointing out this fact because it’s very crucial. You have to consider what you’re likely going to place on your desk alongside the storage space you want.

If you’re currently using a large desk, you may want to reduce it to the minimum size because you don’t need the space. You can measure out the workspace you want to take away.


Overall, as we’ve mentioned during the article, the minimum size for an office desk is 712mm to 720mm.

Nevertheless, they are several options you’ll need to consider to determine the correct size of desk you’ll need in your office.