Top 5 Home Office Decorating Ideas

The best home office decorating ideas are all about creating a space that is both functional and beautiful. You want to create an environment where you can focus on your work while still enjoying the beauty of your home. Whether you are new to working at home or want to improve your current home office space, these are the Top 5 home office decorating ideas in 2021 to consider.

There are many types of home office decorating ideas that you can use to make your space more comfortable. The best way to start is by deciding on the color scheme you want for your work area. Other ideas include choosing good lighting and adding nature to your home office as well as accessorizing it in a way that represents who you are. All these elements will help to create a functional work environment.

Though decorating your home office is a great idea, there are many things to consider when deciding to decorate your home office. The obvious one is the amount of space you have. This post will show you how to decorate and make the best use of your current space so that your home office is a place you want to be every day. Ready? Let’s dive in!


But First, Why Should You Decorate Your Home Office?

Decorating an office may seem unnecessary but there are very good reasons to do so.

  1. It can increase your productivity.

The feeling of working in your own surroundings with the things you love is very productive to work. We are all looking for a stimulating and motivating atmosphere to be able to focus more on our tasks, which can easily happen when we have a home workspace that motivates us as well!

This is why professionals often find themselves working in an office with many windows or plants around for decoration; it brings out their best qualities. One study even found that people who had views of nature from their desks were up to 15% more productive than those without natural light!


  1. It Improves Organization of your Space

Decorating a home office is more than just colored walls and accessories. Use the opportunity to get your favorite supplies such as storing bins, charging cords, or pencil holders for easy access when needed.

By color-coding these items with your overall decor, you will achieve both a beautiful and functional space that is free from clutter.


  1. It Reduces Stress

When you’re feeling stressed, looking at your inspirational wall art and photos of loved ones nearby, as well as notes from colleagues with praise for all that you do is motivational.

When we find ourselves distracted by other thoughts (or just plain old bored), taking time to read our favorite quote or think about something that makes us happy is a great way to get back on task!


  1. It Is a Way To Express Yourself

The way you decorate your home office is a great opportunity to create the kind of space you enjoy. It will be a space you spend a lot of time in, so make it speak of you. Examples include using motivational quotes, large abstract pieces of art or photos of your favorite places.

If you love to read, you can create shelves for your beloved books, and if you are a pet owner, you can allocate a space for your pet nearby. For religious people, add pictures of the cross or Bible verse quotes or make a space to pray in your home office.

  1. You need a space to take breaks.

Designating a space in your home office where you can take short breaks every day, such as the corner or sunny spot by the window, is an essential way to rejuvenate yourself throughout the workday.

Have a comfy seat and some relaxing activities like journaling, books, puzzles available that will allow you to re-energize without distracting from work with television.


  1. It Increases Your Credibility With Clients

When you have a home office, it becomes the place where clients and other people come to meet with you. You want that space to be clean and nice, so they feel comfortable there!

And as a bonus, when your workspace is decorated nicely, it can attract business partners who would like to work alongside companies such as yours. Even if you meet clients on virtual calls, they can see your office space.

A clean and organized space speaks about your values, which helps you seem trustworthy at first glance!


The Top 5 Decorating Ideas for your Home Office


Decorating your home office is a great way to make it feel more like a second living space. You may use this space to relax and unwind after work, or you may want your home office to be an extension of your personality.

Regardless of how you use the room, here are some tips on decorating so that it can serve its purpose while also being aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Hang up some Pictures or Color your Walls

Inspire your inner creative genius with the right setting. Hang up pictures of family and friends on a wall, or even photos from trips to places you love – these are surefire ways to make work more enjoyable!

Also, hang pictures that make you feel good about yourself. These images will remind and motivate you to get work done on time while making it pleasant for others in the family who might also share the space with you from time to time.
Painting your walls is also a great way to improve your home office look. If you like the classic style of cool colors like blue and grey for a more formal feel, go with that choice.

However, there are more modern ways to still achieve a formal ‘working’ color with reds, pinks, greens, and yellow colors. If you cannot paint your walls, choose a wallpaper design and color that you like and have it put up on all your walls or one wall for contrast.


  1. Add Some Plants for Natural Air Purification and Decoration

The air in our homes is filled with dirt, pollen, and other pollutants that, no matter how clean we keep the room, will not go away. But there are ways to make your home office healthier for you and those who share it by adding some plants!

Making your indoor space more green or even just a few pots of flowers and plants can help eliminate chemical toxins while giving off oxygen which has been shown to increase productivity.

Additionally, plants release chemicals called phytoncides into the air around them when they feel threatened- these chemicals protect from insects such as roaches, so if you’re battling an infestation, this may be invaluable information!

There are therefore many benefits to adding plants to your home office. They not only provide natural air purification and decoration for space, but also a more calming environment as well!


  1. Light Up Your Home Office.


Home office lighting can have a major impact–good or bad–on your health.

A dark home office is just depressing, and it makes you feel like all the work will never get done on time. A dim room also leads to eye strain with poor vision at night, so that’s no good either!

Too harsh light from fluorescent bulbs not only prompts migraines for sensitive people but drains away energy as well. What is the best kind of lighting? The best for home office lighting is natural lighting. If you have a window in your space, move your desk close by as natural lighting is easier on your eyes.

Ensure you have natural light – preferably from the front, side, and top of your desk so that glare doesn’t affect your vision and outside views are maximized. You can also make small adjustments to find an optimal spot with sunlight all day long!

If there is no window in your home office space, consider overhead lighting with LED bulbs that emit a warm white glow without glare, providing illumination while reducing eyestrain. You can spice up the light with an attractive decorative shade.

The next type of lighting to consider is the desk lamp. Choose the type of lamps that are height adjustable and have a flexible arm for easy use on paperwork and other tasks when you need to do more focused work.

For night time working, include other table lamps or standing lamps around the room that have lampshades. These soften the direct glare of lights, and the standing lamps bounce light off the walls and ceilings for a full room lighting experience.

To save on lower power bills, replace all of the light bulbs in this room with LED lights for extra energy efficiency. These ensure there is enough light in which you can see what needs doing in a cost effective way.


  1. Get Rid Of Any Clutter And Organize Your Supplies.


Say goodbye to clutter and hello to productivity! A healthy, functional home office starts with a clean slate. To start off on the right foot, get rid of any old clothes you don’t wear anymore or shoes that aren’t in use.

Next up are books that have been sitting around for weeks without being touched – go ahead and donate them if they’re not used often enough. By clearing the clutter, you will discover more space you had not thought to use before. Remain open minded to consider using both vertical and horizontal spaces to store your office supplies and equipment.

For office desk supplies, purchase decorative and functional pencil and pen holders that suit your personal style. Place occasionally used items off your desk into drawers, cabinets, or shelves. All papers must be filed into a filing cabinet or drawers where they fit neatly.

For office equipment like printers and your desktop computer’s CPU, place them on a nearby table or shelf that is reachable. Finally, all cables and wiring must be neatly tucked away into the wall with clips or using a cord management box.


  1. Accessorize Your Room


This is the icing on the cake and the most fun to do. Some ideas of how you can color your room and make it more comfortable for you are:

  1. Add a rug to make it feel cozier and inviting.

Choose a theme color rug (or the style you like) to go under your desk. This can soften the look of a cold working desk and make it more endearing to stay there and work.

  1. Add a seat cushion to your seat for better comfort and support as you work. This cushion can be a favorite color or have a written quote or word that resonates with you.
  1. Display your personal choice of accessories on your desk (just a few) or on your shelves. These can include memoir pieces of places you have visited, pictures of family and friends, gift items, decorative boxes and more. Also, look into decorative waste paper bins.
  1. If you have some space in your home office, bring in a chair and side table. This can be your spot for taking breaks that are less distracting than being by the television. On the table, set up the books you need to read, do puzzles, or write in your journal, when you’re on a break from work.
  1. Consider investing in a bulletin board for your notes, sticky notes, and important reminders.


When you feel like your home office is just too plain, it’s time to spruce it up. We’ve listed five of the top ways to do that so you can be more productive and remain inspired at the same time!

You don’t need to spend tons of money or take on an extensive project–just adding some color in paint, pictures, plants, or decorative items could make all the difference for getting into “the zone.”

In a short while, you can transform your home office space from drab and dull…to fabulous!