What Is The Best Color For A Home Office?

Picking the best color for your home office can be quite tricky but yet an exciting endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or you’re just in need of a color that inspires your workspace – the best color for your home office can add that perfect touch. But what is the best color for a home office?

According to professional interior designers, though they are many colors out there, the best colors for a home office are white, black, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, grey, and purple.
These are the best colors for a home office because they invite energy, inspire and increase your productivity.

Nevertheless, before using any of the colors, they are some important things you’ll have to consider.

You have to consider your working style, the type or nature of work you’ll be doing in the office, and how long you’ll spend in your office.
If you’re likely going to be spending several hours in your home office each day, then it’s best to settle for a vibrant color or a colorful accent.

But if you require plenty of focus for your work or study, colors with neutral or deep shades are the best option to encourage sharpness and clarity.
In other, for you need to get it wrong when picking the color for your home office, we’ve put together this in-depth guide that walks you through the best colors you should use in your home office.

In the article, we’ve also laid out useful insight on the factors to consider when picking the best color for a home office.

So, whether you’re interested in enhancing your productivity, reduce stress, create ideas that inspire your work, this guide will walk you through the best color for each case.

The Effects Of Color In Your Home Office


what is the best color for a home office

Colors have a significant effect on your work. It can affect your productivity, mood, comfort, and energy level.

According to color psychology, color happens to be the most used tool implored in design to alter a room’s perception or encourage certain emotions.
If you want your home office to feel spacious or lighter, you could use colors to create such an effect.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for that cozy feel in the office, you can go for a color that will blend well with the wall shades and décor like soft yellows.
Yeah, some of us are usually busy in our home office due to the fast-paced nature of the work, so soothing and calming colors are the best choices.

You can add fun shapes and textures and color, which can help inspire your work and keep your life throughout the entire time.

How To Get Started


what is the best color for a home office

Depending on your work’s nature, it will be helpful if you keep notes on goals and needs for your home office.

Asides from that, knowing the primary purpose of your home office workspace will help you see the color that best suits your office.

So, below are some questions you should ask yourself to get in on track:


1. What Will Be The Primary Use Of The Office?


You must think about the nature of the work you’ll be using the home office for and the physical items that are going to be present there.

Whether you’ll be using your office for computer projects, studying, sketching, or writing, you must jot down two to four main uses.

If you’re an artist who requires plenty of natural sunlight in your office to create stunning designs, then it’s best to go for light and refreshing colors.

Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t compromise on comfort and discovers that a comfy seat helps you write more, then opt-in for a plush couch with ground colors like gray and deep blue.

2. What Is Your Goal For Your Office?

It is another question you’ll have to ponder when picking the best color for your home office.
If you’re a student who typically receives lectures online, you’ll need your home office to be a space that clears out your mind. It will help you focus on the material right in front of you.

If you’re into PM jobs that require you to make lots of sales calls or pitching ideas, then your home office should have a shade that always makes you feel revitalized.

3. What Is Your Working Style?

Another thing you’ll have to look out for is your working style. Most people prefer a clean and minimal workspace that helps them focus and feel centered.
If your working style is more like that, then it’s best to consider neutral colors that can blend well with natural décor elements like wall frames and indoor plants.

On the other hand, we may be the kind of person that gets more inspired when your home office wall is filled with different designs. You can try bold color combinations, fun textures, and eclectic decors.

Now, let’s get to the crux of the article.


Best Colors For Your Home Office


what is the best color for a home office 3


Whether you’re a student or you like spending time working from home, the colors below are the best to use for a home office that will keep you inspired, productive and energized.

White (For Versatility And Openness)


what is the best color for a home office white

White along with soft neutrals offers a versatile shade. Painting your home office with white comes with lots of benefits because it’s a color that helps promote focus and organization.

It’s also a refreshing color that can blend well with other natural colors, providing a minimalist look and unique interior.


Black (For Introspection)


what is the best color for a home office black

Even though black is only recommended for accent walls and decors, it’s a powerful color to use in your home office.

Black as a color is known to encourage strength, confidence, and introspection, which can go well with a white couch, black frames, and few black pillows.
According to expert interior designers, it’s a color that helps boost your sense of confidence and security in decision-making.

Red (For Excitement And Strength)


what is the best color for a home office red

Red and black are similar in that they both represent strength, but red also stimulates excitement and conversation. It’s an excellent color for project managers or individuals working on fast-paced projects.

You can combine this color with neutral shades like gray and brown to balance out its intensity.

Orange (For Comfort)


what is the best color for a home office orange

Orange is the best color for your home office if you want a shade that will boost your creativity and evoke enthusiasm and energy.

It offers a vibrant but yet warm tone with a comforting feel. If you’re a big fan of aesthetics, you can combine with contrasting colors of blue for an eye-catching effect.

However, if you don’t want something vibrant but prefer a more subdued look, you can paint your home office with white and pops of orange accents.

Yellow (For Positivity)


what is the best color for a home office yellow

Its true yellow comes in different intensity, which is why pale yellows are the best for your home office walls. Brighter yellows are not bad but are usually used for fun accent walls and office decor.

Pale yellow is also the best because it doesn’t strain your eyes, unlike brighter yellows which can strain the eyes.

You to be mindful of the intensity of this color in your home office. It’s a color that helps to promote positivity and friendliness.

Green (For Focus)


what is the best color for a home office green

When it comes to the best color for your eyes, the perfect color is green. Studies have revealed that green causes the least fatigue to the eyes when compared with other colors.

Asides from that, having this color in your home office has a lot of benefits if you’ll be doing a lot of studying there. Green helps increase your reading speed and comprehension.

So, if you’re an editor who reads a lot of content every day, or perhaps you constantly work with your laptop, then this color is the best for your home office.
Plus, green is the perfect color for your office when you want to be calm while revitalizing the mind.

Blue (For Productivity)


what is the best color for a home office blue

Warm blues are colors you’ll normally see in organizations and home offices because it encourages productivity and serenity.
You’ll have also noticed that some companies use blue in their business environment and offices because it is known to communicate honesty and reliability.

Some persons are normally tempted to use cooler blues in their offices, but they are not the best for your home office because it’s doesn’t bring that feeling of energy but sluggishness.

It’s best to use cooler blues in your living rooms like your bedrooms because it helps you relax.

Purple (For Creativity And Wisdom)


what is the best color for a home office purple

Purple is a recommended color for your home office if you want to unleash your imagination and creativity.
Plus, this color represents wisdom, wealth, and luxury if that’s a feeling you want in your workspace.

Nevertheless, you must be cautious if you intend to use this color, because some like dark purples are not recommended for home offices that want to convey clarity.

Grey (For Tranquility)


what is the best color for a home office grey

Grey is a recommended color for your home office because it offers a neutral and sleek feel to your workspace.
It’s the best color to use if you want to introduce the feeling of peace and tranquility to your office.

If the office space you have in your home is small, grey is the color you should use because it makes it feels spacious and create room for creativity. It blends well with a wooden desk, frames, and other natural elements.

Pink (For Calmness)


what is the best color for a home office pink

Inarguably, pink is a calming color. It’s an excellent color for a study room or an artistic home office. It helps keep you calm, giving you stunning ideas from the air.

Not to mention, it’s a color that is perfect for teachers, social workers, product developers, and even yoga instructors.

Brown (For Reliability)


what is the best color for a home office brown

Brown is yet another perfect color for a home office, especially for individuals in business or law. It’s a color that offers a sense of security, reliability, and strength.

If you want a serious aesthetic, you can use darker browns for your home office paired with a white desk, window panes, and leather accents.

But for a lighter feel in your office, use soft browns because they are known to compliment any home office. This color goes well with a bookshelf, hanging planter, and other neutral shades.


As you can see, the best color for your home office depends on what the office is going to be used for, your working style, and the kind of perception you want in it.

With the invaluable insight provided here, you should be able to pick the perfect color for your home office, which should increase your productivity, creativity, and comfort.