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Millions of job seekers have decided to stick with the work-from- home model despite the fact that remote work became mandatory for most workers during the height of the Pandemic.

In the last two years, companies have become more flexible. ZipRecruiter has a great selection of work-from- home jobs in the music and entertainment realm.

On ZipRecruiter, you can find full-time, part-time, contract/temporary jobs. Within minutes, you can find anything from salary to job location with the ZipRecruiter app.

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What is the average salary for a work-from- home job? That depends on the company and job position, but music-related remote jobs on ZipRecruiter can range from as low as $21,000 a year to over $60,000, which is something to keep in mind when figuring out what your monthly expenses will be.

Are you searching for a remote job in music? You will be in luck! ZipRecruiter has millions of available job listings, from traditional remote to hybrid/work from home opportunities, like administrative assistant positions with Sony Music, Warner Music and other record label giants.

Outside of the usual assistant jobs in music, there are other jobs such as customer service rep for a music company, research assistant, accounting manager, app engineer, audio engineer, podcast assistant, music blog writer, social media marketer, remote music teacher, vocal teacher and musician jobs.

How to Make Money From Home

Although many companies have adopted a remote hybrid format, allowing employees to work from home and come into the office on certain days, there are some important factors to consider. It is a good idea to stick to a specific schedule when working from home so that you don’t find yourself overworking or skipping meals and breaks.

It is important to note that working from home doesn’t guarantee you will save money in the long run. If you work from home, you can double up on remote jobs to increase your salary.

Although it might feel more convenient to stay at home, what you save in gas money and other commute expenses will more than likely go to your internet bill, the cost of using more electricity than. Depending on your job and employment type, certain expenses can be written off on your taxes in a big way.

Are you looking for affordable internet access? AT&T and other providers offer discounted rates, bundle deals and special promotions that include perks like free HBO Max, to help you save money.

Once you land the perfect work from home job, you’ll probably need to shop for a few essentials like a webcam, noise-canceling headphones, a desk fan, or air purifiers. Two of the most important work-from- home essentials are the desk and chair.

How to Make Money From Home

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The office chair pictured above has an elastic mesh back and flip-up arms to save space, and is available on Amazon. The chair reclines up to 135 degrees and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

If you’re shopping for a work desk, you may want to look into an option that can be adjusted. It gives you the option to sit or stand during the workday, and studies show that standing desks can help reduce back pain and muscle tension, which can in turn boost your mood and improve focus and productivity.

After ZipRecruiter and the perfect work-from- home necessities, the only thing left to do is start your job hunt.