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There is a new version of the Internet called Web3 and it is popular. Recent graduates, as well as professionals from various industries, are curious to find out how to land a career in Web3 and its sub-sectors, including Metaverse, Digital assets, and Non fungible token (NFTs).

It’s not hard and fast to join or switch to a new career, but what matters is your knowledge and skills. It’s necessary for anyone looking for a job in Web3 to have the necessary education or real-world expertise. This article will give you important insights on how to land a career in Web3.

Learn how to use a spoon.

Understanding how the technology works will allow you to be ahead of the competition. You don’t need to be an expert to learn the basics. You can learn the basics by taking free courses on Coursera.

Look for free online courses such as the one offered by the University of Nicosia titled “Introduction to Digital Currency”. September 2022, is the next start date. You can transform from a beginner to an expert with the help of the cointelegraph articles.

Software engineers and developers need to learn programming languages such as Solidity, Python, Rust, Javascript, Vyper, and so on, in order to be successful.

You can get involved to improve your visibility.

There are many ways to get involved in helping companies discover you. There are events that exist around the globe. You should be able to join your first conference if you do some research.

You can apply for a scholarship to join the NFT Talents program. The first cohort started on June 7th. Stay up to date on the next one.

You can start writing posts on Medium so that people know that you are contributing to the Web3 space. It’s an ideal way to help others discover your potential when you’re consistently engaged on the internet. As a developer, you can contribute to other projects and add open-source libraries to the repository.

Join a group.

Both paid and non-paid opportunities can be found in the Web3 space, and if you join the channels of the projects you can be aware of them. Don’t be surprised if you get a full-time job offer if you can add value to the project, such as finding a bug or promoting a DAO.

There are job openings on job sites.

It’s not a good idea to rely on someone to send you a job opportunity. If you want to be successful in your job hunt, you need to look for open job positions on You can apply for jobs on Indeed. Finally, there are opportunities on Upwork.

If you are a recent graduate or a beginner, apply for an internship first. Something is better than nothing! Don’t go for something you won’t be working on for long. Being an expert in your area of interest requires consistency.

Key information.

Millions of people have been given the ability to pick how they make a living, thanks to the power of the internet. The conventional wisdom is that people earn money and spend their time. The new normal is remote work and payments in cryptocurrencies.

As Web3 attracts the brightest minds, it will undoubtedly have a monumental effect, resulting in the creation of a Centralized Internet unlike anything we have ever seen before. You just need to leave your comfort zone and prepare yourself for a career in Web3.

The author is the technology editor.