A tester at Cloud Imperium Games lost their job because they stood up to the company’s demands for employees to return to work.

Kiplan Case, who according to their LinkedIn profile was a tester at Cloud Imperium’s Austin, Texas studio until recently, claimed this month that their team were being forced to return to the office after the company allegedly ditch its vaccine and remote work policies.

Case said that he lost his job at Cloud Imperium Games because he stood up for his coworkers. They decided to get rid of their vaccine policy, so we had to return to office.

The people with immunocompromised families were given a small extension of time before they had to return to office.

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Austin, Texas is the 16th most expensive place to live in the US and cost of living is on the rise. Many of us commuted over 60 miles to the office, and gas prices are not good.

A number of my coworkers have been kicked out of their homes due to increases in rent, and have been forced to move back with their families. Video games are the fastest growing form of media and no one should be unable to afford a home at some point in their career.

I would like everyone to consider how your company treats you. Do your part to fight for yourselves, because you deserve better.

Cloud Imperium was founded in 2012 and has raised nearly $500 million. The company is committed to cultivating a culture and workplace that celebrates all lifestyles and perspectives.

The studio’s job ads seem to have removed the mention of remote working. It mentioned a temporary work-from- home model six months ago.

While Cloud Imperium is an in-office operating company, some roles will start out remotely and others will be in-office from the first day of employment. If and when it meets the needs of the role and the company, we have a policy that allows for remote working.

Cloud Imperium’s flexible work policy was called short-sighted by an anonymous UK-based employee on Glassdoor, who claimed that there is likely no work that can actually be done from a home.

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Should Cloud Imperium respond, VGC will update the article.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic in early 2020, game companies have had to implement remote working policies in order to continue developing games. Many major companies have adopted the policy permanently.

According to the US Best Place to Work Awards survey, 98% of participants said they would maintain some form of remote work after the swine flu.

According to the security firm, Texas is leading the way in returning employees to the office.

Austin offices were at 63 percent of their pre-pandemic levels as of April 6. The state removed its previous mask mandate and moved to allow businesses to return to 100 capacity earlier in the year.