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Hybrid work

Awingu provides secure remote access technology. The dollar amount was not disclosed by the companies. Awingu will be a part of the portfolio.

End users will have added flexibility and freedom with the combination of Awingu and the ras platform. They will be able to work from anywhere, at any time. An all-in-one application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution is provided by Parallels. It gives remote access to virtual applications and desktops through on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based environments.

The Future of Work

Corel's Prashant Ketkar

There is a man named Prashant Ketkar.

Prashant is the chief technology and product officer at the company.

The future of work is here. The need for organizations to determine and shift their remote and hybrid work infrastructures was accelerated by the swine flu. Now, organizations are figuring out how they can cater to the flexibility that employees want with their workplace while also guaranteeing secure and efficient access. We are committed to helping organizations navigate this shift in the workplace, and with the addition of Awingu we are one step closer to improving the experience for every stakeholder that interacts with our products

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The company said that Awingu provides a secure way for organizations to facilitate bring your own device or work from anywhere policies through its easy-to-use and secure unified workspace. The platform will become a one-stop solution thanks to this technology acquisition. The ability to easily access legacy and cloud native applications will be given to customers. IT teams worry about the security of their data and infrastructure.

A Range of Solutions

Awingu will deliver secure remote workspace for customers. Health care, finance, manufacturing, government, and telco are included. Awingu will provide a unified capability for secure remote access to both legacy and cloud-native applications by expanding its integration with Parallels. There will be a range of solutions for customers using on-premises assets, hybrid architectures and any cloud.

Awingu's Walter Van Uytven

Awingu has Walter Van Uytven.

Walter van Uytven is the CEO.

I am excited to work with the Awingu team. Uytven said that both companies have a customer-first mindset and share the mission to ensure a seamless, secure and effective workspace. We will bring a broader, richer set of solutions across the secure remote desktop and app streaming industry with Parallels.

The Awingu team will be joining Corel. They will bring their engineering expertise to the organization.