The leader of file data services made a second acquisition in 60 days.

Storage Made Easy (SME), a leading file data management company that offers remote work and compliance solutions for cloud file storage, was acquired by Nasuni Corporation. The transaction’s financial details are not being made public. Nasuni has made two transactions in the last two months, the first of which was the acquisition of SME.

The ability to make files accessible to users no matter where they are is one of the biggest challenges in data storage. As organizations continue to support a distributed workforce, access to file data is required from home and branch offices as well as field locations that may have limited internet bandwidth Traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) doesn’t do a good job of accommodating file access from anywhere and storing file data in siloes making it hard to search and analyze.

” Providing secure, high- performance access to file data from any location while complying with a stringent regulatory landscape is challenging every IT organization,” said Paul Flanagan. Adding remote work and compliance capabilities to the Nasuni platform will give organizations more reasons to modernize their file data infrastructures, all while reducing capital and operational costs. This adds to our ‘work from anywhere’ strategy.

Jim Liddle, founder and chief executive officer of SME, said that the combination of the two companies creates a suite of multi-cloud file data services. The SME team is excited to join Nasuni and help advance their leadership in the file data services market. Jim Liddle is going to be vice president of product, file fabric.

The acquisition of SME will allow the Nasuni File Data Platform to address these needs.

  • Desktop synchronization for offline access
  • Accelerated VPN-less access to file data for remote and hybrid workers
  • Microsoft Teams, Slack and Office 365 integration
  • Enhanced enterprise search capabilities for regulatory compliance

The Nasuni File Data Platform has more reasons to be used after the acquisition of the SME. To transform legacy file infrastructure with a suite of file data services that enables files to be accessed from anywhere and protected from anything, it uniquely utilizes object storage from the three cloud providers.

Nasuni and SME were already partners to deliver their solutions to joint enterprise customers before the transaction.

Mike Shepard, enterprise IT architect at RES, the United States’ largest ecological restoration company, said that the combination makes perfect sense, because they deployed Nasuni withAWS object storage a few years ago. When the H1N1 hit, we realized that we needed a borderless workflows to make remote file sharing easy for our users. Nasuni and SME allow our engineers to connect to project shares from home with ease, sync files to their desktops for fast access, and search large amounts of corporate file data for the information they need.

In addition to augmenting Nasuni’s remote work and compliance capabilities, the acquisition of SME gives Nasuni an additional presence in the UK as it continues to expand its EMEA footprint, which grew in March with the opening of the company’s new innovation center inCork, Ireland.

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Nasuni Corporation is a leading file data service company that helps organizations create a secure, file data cloud for digital transformation, global growth, and information insight. The Nasuni File Data Platform is a cloud-native suite of services that simplifies file data infrastructure, enhances file data protection, and ensures fast file access around the globe at the lowest cost. Nasuni becomes the cloud-native replacement for traditional network attached storage (NAS) and file server infrastructure, as well as complex legacy file backup, disaster recovery, remote access, and file synchronization, because of its ability to consolidate file data in easily expandable cloud object storage. Nasuni allows organizations to easily access and share file data from the office, home or on the road. Manufacturing, construction, creative services, technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, oil and gas, financial services, and public sector agencies are some of the sectors Nasuni serves. Over 70 countries around the globe are serviced by Nasuni’s corporate headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. You can find more information at

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The acquisition of storage made it easy to bolster data-management and remote work-capabilities.