Communication is the core of any business, yet most business problems break down to ineffective communication, and companies are experiencing a significant backlash. Businesses in the United States are losing as much as $1.2 trillion per year due to communication breakdowns, as remote and hybrid business models firmly take hold. To remain competitive, firms recruit top talent from across the globe, offer hybrid or remote work models, and invest in tech-driven tools and cyber protections, and allow their employees to work quickly and safely from anywhere. Planning, policymaking, and training for effective communication are the top priorities of today’s leaders.

Heather Oden, COO at Ball Janik, helped her firm open a fourth office this year as they have grown significantly in the past three years. It can be hard to keep up with the growth of our people. Driving our firm’s communication practices is an evolutionary practice that we must focus on constantly. We have been able to use insurance and training to protect our organization because of the threats we face in our connected world.