Sharon Ferguson of Sevita discussing her clients’ transportation needs (Amy Leonard for The Cullman Tribune)

The monthly meeting of the Cullman County Commission was held on Thursday evening.

During the preceding work session, the commissioners and all in attendance heard from Sharon Ferguson, a retired teacher who is now employed by Sevita, a national agency dedicated to health care in both homes and community. The company used to be known as The MenTOR Network.

Ferguson aired her grievances on the lack of community transportation available for the clients she oversees, while noting that each of the homes she oversees has a van available. Ferguson said that the single van per home was not enough to meet the needs of the residents.

When asked by Commissioner Marchman if the lack of availability was due to a lack of resources, the director of the community transportation service responded that they are currently down eight drivers for the service.

As of right now, we have seven of the 14 buses we ordered, but we need to hire about eight drivers. It will be at least two years before we get the others. We need drivers.

The CARTS service has made a positive impact on people in the community.

During the work session the possibility of buying an automated train track switch was discussed.

The commission heard from Judy Snead of Snead’s Farmhouse, an educational farm located in the West Point area. Snead was able to provide care for injured ducks at the park.

Snead asked the commission for permission to raise the rest of her funds by setting up a booth at the lake and posting her efforts on the lake’s Facebook page. The commission was assured by Snead that she would take on all the responsibilities.

The Road Department’s Phillip Batemon, who is retiring after 18 years of service with the county, was thanked by the commission for attending and being a member.

The commission approved and opened the following:

  • “Resolution 2022-51: Authorize the chairman to accept the offer of financial assistance in the amount of $365,142.12 through the Recreation Trails Program project 21-RT-55-01 for bridge replacement and trail rehabilitation at Stony Lonesome OHV Park and authorize the chairman to start the bidding process
  • Resolution 2022-52: Award bid to Ameriseal of Ohio, Inc. for Taxiway Pavement Maintenance at the Cullman Regional Airport in the amount of $142,504.50
  • Resolution 2022-53: Library Personnel inclusion in County Payroll System
  • Public Hearing – CARTS Operations for FY 2023
  • Resolution 2022-54: Authorize Local Matching Funds for CARTS FY 2023 and authorize Chairman to sign all related paperwork
  • Resolution 2022-55: Authorize the filing of 5311 grant application for CARTS and authorize Chairman to sign all paperwork
  • Resolution 2022-56: Change speed limit to 15 mph on County Road 713
  • Resolution 2022-57: Post “No thru Trucks” on County Road 623
  • Authorize Chairman Clemons to sign the Alabama Department of Youth Services Agency Grant Agreement for FY 2022-2023 in the amount of $153,888 as the fiscal agent for Lauderdale County
  • Authorize EMA Director Tim Sartain to apply for grant in the amount of $25,000 with the Alabama Department of Public Health to purchase supplies or equipment for the State Mortuary Operations Response Team and sign all related paperwork
  • Authorize the purchase of a Blue Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) through CCCDC grant in the amount of $11,146 and authorize the coroner to sign all related paperwork
  • Consider approval of advertising space on Smith Lake Park signs and authorize Chairman to sign all related documents
  • Consider appointing Kerry Watson to the ACCA Legislative Committee
  • Consider approval of the Samba Safety contract to provide CDL training to Cullman County Employees and authorize Chairman Clemons to sign all related documents
  • Consider the purchase of a 2023 Freightliner M2-106 grapple truck for the Road Department in the amount of $231,367.41 and authorize the Chairman to sign all related paperwork
  • Consider authorization for Cullman Caring for Kids to use the Board of Education parking lot to host a Car Show on November 12, 2022, from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Ratify payment of landfill charges from the May 2022 Clean-Up program – $22,075.43
  • Ratify signature on agreement to sell previously approved 2019 CAT PM310 Milling Machine for Water Department
  • Ratify insolvents, errors and taxes in litigation for 2021 and uncollected insolvents and taxes in litigation for previous years for the Cullman County Revenue Office and authorize Chairman to sign
  • Bid #1395: Award bid option #2 to Willoughby Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. to complete re-roofing project for 402 Arnold St property in the amount of $131,400
  • Bid #1397: Award bid to Mitch Smith Chevrolet for a 2020 full-size SUV for Probate in the amount of $37,900
  • Bid #1398: Award bid to Trip Master for Dispatch Software and first year annual maintenance and support for CARTS in the amount of $56,555
  • Big #1399: Award big to Terry Sligh Chevrolet for one or more 4×4 crew cab trucks for the Water Department in the amount of $56,568.50

The next meeting will take place in the Commission Meeting Room at the Courthouse. There is a work session at 4:00 p.m. and a regular meeting at 6 p.m. The public can attend.

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