Richard Stokes

A man named Richard Stokes.

Even if it took time from home to help his students, Richard Stokes always believed that education should never stop them from doing what they want. I think I owe her that because I have been doing school things instead of accompanying her. Since joining the CCSD staff in 2001,Stokes has helped the district navigate some of its toughest challenges, a recent rarity in Nevada school oversight. I don’t think anyone does their job if they’re not reflecting. In general, we have done some great work, working together with other educators that want their students to move from a high school setting to go out into the world with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be productive in whatever they want to do. There was an implementation of curriculum maps and assessments as well as a student mastery tracking system provided by the proposal. The district’s staff members gainedfully employed and its programs remained intact as a result of working with members Transformation Office and grants and special projects director. There will always be room for improvement. I expect that desire for students to be able to do what they want to do when high school is over, and that will continue even after I leave the district. The electrical and heating parts were impacted because they would add on to it and he was proudest of removing the district’s 22. As administrators and crews work to give students proper heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, it is reflected in the current environment. He said that the new square footage at Eagle Valley Middle School now makes the district’s two middle schools comparable, and that the district’s administrative building renovation itself has been “60 years overdue.” The air in the house is cleansed through high-level systems. We were able to build an athletic facility at the school. Our students and coaches had to go to another location because we did not have a wrestling room. The track and field complex has athletic programs. He said that he collaborated with his employer, the board of trustees, and received feedback from his staff and community, in order to create the strategic plan. He said the plan entered its third iteration in school year 2022-23. Thanks to the Professional Learning Community group meetings, the plan has established five goals guiding what happens in school classrooms. We had to send those people home. The governor told the staff that school was closed and they could not come back. We had 1,000 people who had to change how they did business in a short period of time. He said that the federal government demanded we feed kids even though they were not coming to campus. When staff had one week to figure out how that was going to look, we had to teach for two months. He went on to say that all those challenging educational processes had to be built from scratch, even though the kids are staying home. “We had no former events or processes we could draw from – everything for answering questions about what counts when you work from home to, ‘What happens if I get a sore throat?’ and how to deal with all the conditions associated with a epidemic and public health.” Someone’s home may have burned down. Maybe there was illness or death, and staff, students, school board members have all reached out in various ways to give a little bit of themselves to those situations You will see all the teachers who go to a Little League baseball game, a student’s baptism, or a class recital of their former students at some point in the future. He called it inspiring to see educators and community members alike take up a cause for the benefit of students. It has been the right fit for me, and I am confident that Andrew Feuling will do a good job as his successor. Mr. Feuling will do everything in his power to make sure that his children and all of our students are successful, said Stokes. His heart is where it should be. For the past eight years, I have worked with him. I have watched the kind of man he is. I am confident that our staff will respond well to Mr. Feuling, as they already have, and I am grateful that we have a local internal candidate to carry our school district into the next phase. I wish he success.