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The first Buffalo-area At Home store is set to open its doors on Saturday at Station Twelve.

It will be the second store to open in the plaza, where work was resumed earlier this year to advance the $75 million project. Whole Foods opened in Station twelve.

At Home will be in the Station Twelve site.

Stephen T. Watson

It will be the company’s 250th store opening, and it will mark a lot of expansion for the brand. There was a soft opening earlier this month. Lee Bird, chairman and CEO of At Home, said in a statement that he expects the company to grow to 700 stores in the future

Bird said, “This is a significant step towards our long-term potential to grow the brand, increase market share and strengthen our position as the leading retailer of home décor.” We continue to expand across the country.

The average At Home store is 80,000 square feet.

The home décor store sells up to 45,000 items from furniture, rugs, wall art and to tabletop, patio and holiday décor at value prices.

An on-the-spot hiring event for nurses, nurse assistants, and immediate treatment assistants will be held at Buffalo RiverWorks from 4 to 7 pm on Tuesday. There was a meeting Wednesday. Catholic Health managers and recruiters will be at the job fair to take applications, conduct interviews, and make formal job offers.

Are you looking for more proof of how in-demand nurses are? Catholic Health will offer bonuses of up to $25,000 for high-demand nursing positions. The first 15 nurses hired at the event will get an additional $5,000.

Friday is the deadline to submit comments on the Climate Action Council’s energy roadmap for New York State.

State residents would have to change how they heat their homes and operate their appliances over the next decade under a draft plan. In late April, the council held a public hearing in Buffalo regarding the draft plan.

The use of natural gas in buildings and homes should be phased out in favor of electricity.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Western District is scheduled to release statistics for June and the first half of the year.

There were 530 bankruptcies in the Buffalo area through May, down from the same period a year ago. When the total for a full year would be near or above 3,000, case filing levels were way below.

43North is holding a Why to Apply webinars. Wednesday was over zoom. Attendees will have the chance to hear from three 43North companies about how 43North accelerated their companies’ growth and how to stand out during the application process To register, go to 43

Attend the free networking event from 6 to 9 pm to learn more about clinical trials and research diversification. 43North has a remote platform for clinical trials in Africa. The keynote speaker will talk about decentralization in clinical trials, and participants can ask questions to a panel of experts. Register at

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There has been recent news about the economy of Buffalo.

The Erie County Legislature voted 8 to 3 to approve the SUNY Erie Community College’s proposed $98.6 million 2022-23 budget, but even legislators who voted for it pledged to play a watchdog role in the spending of the money and implementation of needed cost-cutting measures

The Cannabis Control Board unanimously approved opening the application process for those entities and people who wish to be a cannabis processor.

The unemployment rate in the Buffalo-Niagara region fell to 3.4% in May, the lowest on record for the area.

As part of a plan to turn around the company, Athenex will sell its US and European revenues and milestone interests.

The director of the National Labor Relations Board’s Buffalo region is asking a federal court to restore seven Starbucks employees who were fired because of the unionization efforts.

It is almost certain that consumers will cut back on spending because their wages aren’t keeping pace with inflation, which means that the economic recovery is likely to pause or take a few steps back Job growth has been slow but steady throughout the first five months of the year, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Kenneth Macur retired as president of Medaille University and will be replaced by a former vice president. Macur, who held the role since 2015, came under fire a few times over the past two years.

After the result of the store’s first election was not unanimous, Starbucks workers will vote again on unionization. The Starbucks executive who was a frequent presence in Buffalo-area stores is leaving the company.

The two-story Meidenbauer House, a Civil War-era home in the Fruit Belt, is going to be saved and renovated as the developer prepares to clean up the collapsed garage.

The suspension of the gasoline tax gave only fleeting relief from the high prices that are approaching $5 a gallon. Drivers are looking for ways to save because they are skipping road trips that they would otherwise be taking.

A growing 76-year-old trucking and logistics company, Speed Global Services is seeking to renovation 21 old manufacturing buildings on Vulcan Street in the Town of Tonawanda as part of a $7.145 million project to gain significantly more space for warehouse and distribution.

There were five reads from Buffalo.

Local professionals are trying to become community-based developers by tackling small-scale projects that tap into their community knowledge and local ties.

The 22nd president at the nation’s oldest Franciscan college will be a non-Catholic who grew up on a farm.

Many employees prefer working remotely, which can leave employers paying for a lot of leased space sitting empty, so companies large and small are taking a harder look at how much office space they need.

The job market continued its slow but steady recovery from the Covid-19 recession, as the Buffalo Niagara region added 1,400 jobs during May. It’s an encouraging sign that the region’s economy is doing well at a time when interest rates are rising.

Buffalo’s Tech Academy Data Analytics boot camp is the first of its kind in Western New York and has its first graduates. The aim of the initiative is to build a tech workforce that represents the area’s diversity and fills the needs of local companies.

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