When purchasing a laptop, you need to purchase additional items to use it at its best. Some are needed for the laptop’s well-being, while others keep it safe and allow it to run smoothly.

If you’ve already bought a new Windows laptop, we’ll cover the accessories you should buy with it.

1. An External Hard Drive

External hard drive and cable

Even if your laptop has a lot of storage space, an external hard drive is a good investment. It will reduce the load on your computer’s drive. Second, it will keep your data safe if your laptop is attacked.

External hard drives are portable, so you don’t have to carry your laptop around. Since the external hard drives aren’t expensive and won’t break the bank, it’s a good idea to get a new laptop with one.

I’m not sure about which one to choose. There is a guide to the best portable hard drives.

2. Cooling Pad

Windows laptops tend to be more hot than Mac or Linux devices. The performance of your laptop can be adversely affected by heat.

If you want to keep the laptop’s components at an optimal temperature, you need a cooling pad that lowers the laptop’s temperature. We have an article about the best laptop cooling pads you can buy.

If your laptop exhausts heat, you need to get the right kind of cooling pad. There is an article on choosing the right cooling pad for you.

3. USB Hub

Most Windows laptops come with a wide range of ports, but for some users, it’s not enough. The best thing to do if you fall into that category is to get yourself a hub.

A hub that takes up one port on your laptop allows you to connect as many devices as possible. This increases the number of ports for your laptop and allows you to connect your accessories simultaneously.

Adding new ports may help you charge multiple devices simultaneously and efficiently transfer large amounts of data between different devices. I’m not sure which hub to get. Check out our article on the best laptop hubs.

4. External HD Webcam

Center Cam Webcam Lens Closeup
Photo Credit: Tina Sieber

With a shift in work-from- home culture and an increase in online meetings, a reliable webcams is more essential than ever. External webcams give many more advanced features, such as a wider field of view, higher display quality, and the ability to work in low-light environments, which are worth investing in.

Whether you plan to use the laptop for remote work or live-stream your gaming sessions, a dedicatedWebcam will come in handy. If you’re on a tight budget, you can check out our guide for buying the best budget webcam.

5. Accessories to Prevent Physical Damage

pink laptop cover on lap

If you only use the laptop indoors, you don’t need any safety accessories. It would be worthwhile to invest in additional safety accessories if you are going to wear it daily.

Investing in safety accessories such as screen protectors and surface protectors for your laptop’s bottom, lid, and keyboard will ensure that it does not suffer damage and sustain accidental falls.

These safety accessories are worth their cost in light of how expensive laptops can be. If you can afford a bag that is theft-proof, you will be able to keep your laptop safe.

6. External Mouse & Keyboard

A robust keyboard is necessary for a smooth typing experience. If you are going to play games on your laptop, you need a quality mouse. A desk mat can help you control your mouse better and prevent scratches on your keyboard, making it a worthwhile purchase.

If you only do general office work or studying on your device, you can skip them all. If you sit for hours in front of your laptop, the strain on your arms, neck, eyes, hands, and more is the trade-off.

An external keyboard and mouse will help keep your laptop’s value. A clean and neat keyboard and trackpad will help you get a better price when you upgrade.

7. Cleaning Accessories to Keep Your Device Dust-Free

cleaning your laptop

Dust will not be absorbed into your laptop’s components if you regularly clean it. This will increase the performance of your device, but it will also save you money on repairs.

If you care about the look of your laptop, microfiber cloths and cleaning sprays are essential. It’s important that the cleaning spray you buy doesn’t contain any chemicals that will damage your laptop’s screen over time. It’s a good thing to choose wisely!

If this will be your first time cleaning the laptop, we have a guide on how to give it a new look.

Get the Most Out of Your Windows Laptop With These Accessories

The accessories covered in this article will help your laptop perform better. Spending time researching products that fit your budget will help you get the most from your device. If you want to prevent further burdening your pocket, don’t use an overpriced product.

There are a few things you should do before you start using a new Windows laptop. Changing the update settings, checking the power plan, removing bloatware, and creating a backup are some of the things we recommend. Before you start using your device, make sure you go through the basics.