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The world as we knew it changed after the Pandemic hit. Some companies are still using the remote or hybrid model two years later, allowing for more flexibility and the ability to work from home. Being able to spend more time with your family is one of the benefits of working remote, according to studies. When it comes to increasing your overall well-being, getting the chance to create your own schedule has been a game-changer for busy parents. As the kids out of school, the need for flexibility has never been higher.

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It is possible to get it in an office, but there is something to be said for not having to worry about picking up your kids from school or camp because you are at home. If you are a parent looking for a stress-free, no-hassle life that comes from working from home, there are a lot of jobs you can find. You are probably wondering how to make money at home. Thanks to its smart matching technology, ZipRecruiter is easy to find the right job for you. There are some jobs that allow you to make money from home.

Freelance writer

You can work from home as a writer if you choose to. This isn’t a writer role. ZipRecruiter states that companies that hire writers contract with employers for short or long-term jobs. Entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion are just a few of the industries that can be worked in by a writer who is not a full-time employee. They can write articles for newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant in an office has the same duties as a remote virtual assistant. Handling correspondence, arranging travel, and managing the calendar and appointments for a company from home is one of the responsibilities of a remote virtual assistant. You can run the workplace remotely and write and edit documents. ZipRecruiter says that some virtual assistants are independent contractors while others work with organizations.

Remote consultant 

If you have operations experience, you might want to work as a remote consultant. In this role, you will provide customer or client support and advise your client on how to improve various aspects of their operations such as human resources procedures, data management, or worker efficiency. Some of your responsibilities may require you to travel in order to better gauge job sites, and meet with clients and employees to gather more information on the work environment.

Craft seller/artist 

Do you think you’re a creative soul who loves to make things and helps their kids with arts and crafts? You might want to consider being an artist or craft seller. You can make your own hours in this remote position because you will be the one making original pieces from scratch and then selling them online as an independent seller. Pieces could include embroidered towels, custom T-shirts, or handmade jewelry.

Graphic designer 

You will execute visual concepts using design tools as a graphic designer. People in this role help companies form their brand and make sure their mission comes across visually, they are skilled in the manipulation of colors, shapes, fonts, images, photography, print design, logos, and animation and may use computer software or draw by hand. You could potentially work on websites, brochures, magazines, and ads if you wanted to be a graphic designer.


There are many accounting jobs that can be done from home. Tax filing clerks, payroll and accounts payable supervisors, bookkeepers, financial planning consultants, and analysis managers are some of the positions ZipRecruiter says are open. Developing annual budgets, monitoring investments, managing external audits, and processing payroll are some of the tasks you may be tasked with.

How to Make Money at Home: Finding Remote Opportunities

Finding a job that allows you to work fully remote is not easy. The last thing you want to do is find a position that requires you to work in the office, only to find out during the last stage of the interview process that they don’t want you there. ZipRecruiter comes in that situation. It connects you to jobs that are a good fit for you because it uses smart matching technology. If you are looking for a job that offers money and flexibility, is the place to sign up for.

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