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National Work From Home Day has renewed meaning in a world that has largely shifted to remote work. We’re meeting the call because it’s a bigger celebration with so many people enjoying working from home. We’ve pulled together a bunch of exclusive deals that will upgrade your experience.


This is the first one. MagStack is a 3-in-1 wireless charging station.

You need a central place to keep everything charged when you are working from home. You can set up three wireless power stations for your devices with this clever modular charger.

You can get the MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand and 20W Adapter for 36 percent less than the regular price.

2. Lunatask Premium is a subscription.

Are you in need of help getting into the zone and being productive? Lunatask is an innovative productivity software that gives you a host of tools to help you get the most out of each day Lunatask will help you streamline your work, from better to-do lists to secure note-taking.

There is a 72 percent discount on Lunatask Premium.

It was 3. Lifetime license for Microsoft Office Professional 2021.

Microsoft Office is the most used office suite in the world. Word, excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are some of the most popular business applications. With this deal, you’ll get Access for under $50.

85 percent off, you can get Microsoft Office Professional 2021. for Windows for $49.99.

There were four. There is a lamp depot.

You can’t go wrong with a well lit office space. The minimalist lamp that slides into the corner can be used to change your lighting. There are between 16 million and 300 multi-color lighting effects you can choose from.

60 percent off is the price for the lamp depot minimalistled corner floor lamp.

There were 5. There is a 2-Yr subscription from NordVPN.

Are you working on public internet from time to time? It’s important to make sure you’re doing it safely. Tech Radar has 4.5 stars for this top-tier PureVPN because it allows you to enjoy the internet with complete anonymity.

55 percent off is what you get if you get NordVPN.

There were 6. Business case studies and stories are included in a Lifetime Subscription.

Entrepreneurs could use some help getting started. You should learn from the source of successful entrepreneurs. More than 3,500 founder case studies, a database of more than 5,000 business ideas and data points, a collection of more than 200 marketing tactics, and more are included in the Starter Story.

The starter story is 92 percent off at $1,612.

A number 7. There is a lifetime subscription to the cloud storage of Koofr.

Koofr is a leading cloud storage provider that won’t break the bank. A company that won’t track you or your activity will give you 1 ton of cloud storage.

You can get Koofr Cloud Storage for $139.99, which is 94 percent off the regular price.

There is 8. FlexStride Pedal Exerciser is used.

Do you work too much to go to the gym? Work time can be turned into a workout. You can get an elliptical cardio workout without leaving your desk with this clever device.

You can get the FlexStride pedal exerciser for 33 percent off.

There was 9. The desklab portable monitor has a screen

It’s especially useful for designers or creatives who need a large screen to add to their laptop. The 4K monitor has incredible resolution and seamless performance, making it ideal for use on a tablet.

You can get the Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor for 58 percent off.

The following is a list of the 10. Deeper connect is a mini decentralized PureVPN.

Are you looking for a cybersecurity solution that can be taken anywhere? Deeper connect mini is a meeting. This device combines the world’s first Decentralized VPN with an enterprise-grade firewall to keep your connection completely private when you stray from your home internet.

For $349, you can get the Deeper connect Mini Decentralized VPN and Firewall Hardware.

Prices may change.

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