What is the Best Feng Shui Color for a Home Office?

Every color has its different value and energy in the feng shui world. So, it is only a good start to conscientiously select the colors for your home office because the colors you surround yourself with can impact your psychological comfort, sales, workflow and create a particular energy in each space. So, what is the best feng shui color for a home office?

There is no do-it-all magical feng shui color for your home office as there are different feng shui colors with distinct and unique meanings. For example, if you desire a calming environment, then blues and greens are two of the best feng shui colors you may want to consider for your home office since blue, being a cool color, helps relax the mind while greens enthuse positivity and bring renewed energy to the space.

Combine light grays and white to the space to increase mental focus and clarity. You can also use rich brown tones and earth tones to establish and stabilize the space, and the list continues.

Basically, choosing colors is ultimately up to you. But on an advisory note, consider the feeling that you want the space to have when decorating your home office. Then, choose the colors for the space that give off those psychological impacts.



Below is a list of the best feng shui colors for a home office you can select from:

  • Green/Brown (wood element)
  • Red (Fire Element)
  • Ochre (Earth Element)
  • Blue/Black (Water Element}
  • Gold/Silver/Copper (Metal element)

Now, let us look into these colors in details to discover their feng shui effects but before that, let us consider how to select the best colors for your home office.

How to Select the Best Feng Shui color?

You can use the feng shui color chart to control the choices of colors, or by yourself, select the colors aligned with your industry, or opt to use the color facing the direction of your business.

Feng Shui Effects of Green/Brown Colors (Wood Element)

The wood element colors of green and tan (light brown) are perfect for the east (health luck) or south-east (wealth luck) office as the wood element rules both sectors. Besides, wood fuels flames, so make sure to include green and brown splashes in the southern home office. You are welcome to use these colors to decorate the southern office exclusively.

Blue and green are good color combos for east and southeast as the water component (blue) grows wood (green).

When you use green and/or brown in your feng shui office, you use the colors that reflect the energy of the wood aspect. These energies encourage growth and improvement. These are outstanding properties for any home office.
The green tint provides a restive and calming psychological effect that can be a great buffer against a home office situated in a clumsy space.

Any business dedicated to growth opened to opportunity and aimed to expand can capture those energies using green and tan in office décors. Green is the right choice of color for any financial business, especially when combined with golden shades.

A trade associated with nature and the furniture industry can also optimize the green and brown combination colors for its home office décor.

Feng Shui Effects of Red In Your Home Office

The fire element color is red and varies from the hottest to the just color temperature. If your home office is in the south compass sector, then decide on how intense you want the presence of red since the sector is overseen by the fired element.

A typical color combination is red plus green or red plus tan.
Red represents the fire element that increases luck fame and recognition. Therefore, if your business is home-based, you can utilize the fire energy to gain greater recognition in your own business.

Feng Shui Effects of Ochre (Earth) In Your Home Office

The earth element is represented by the ochre color. Use this color as the main color for a southwest-placed home office. You can also add other colors to enhance the energies, such as brown for a darker earth color.

The earth element also governs the center of a home or building. If your office is in this location of your home, then be sure to use ochre as your main décor color. Feng shui earth colors include light yellow, beige, and all other sandy colors and combinations include red (fire produces earth (ash) and yellow, or orange (fire color variation) and yellow.

The earth element and its ruling ochre color can bring the southwest energies to enhance your business, status and increase your knowledge. If you’re in sales, these energies and the inclusion of ochre in your home office décor will attract happy business and customer relationships that can boost your status, income, and overall business success.

Feng Shui Effects of Gold / Silver / Copper / White (Metal Colors) In Your Home Office

The metal element is represented by the colors white, gold, silver, copper, and variances of these colors, such as yellow. While white facilitates clarity and discipline, it can be energy-draining for some people. Gold and white are however an excellent color combination.

When it comes to the metal element, home offices located in the west (descendants’ luck) or northwest (mentors’ luck) sectors of your home will tremendously benefit from using gold, silver, or copper colors in its décor design.
If your career is attached to a business catering to children of any age, such as toys, clothing, food, and other products, you can create a décor with any metal color.

Needless it is to say, an office of a family business that will be passed on to the children can take advantage of the descendants’ luck metal colors.

Feng Shui Effects of Blue and Black (Water Element) In Your Home Office

The blue and black colors represent the water element, and a home office placed in the north (career luck) is governed by the water element. You can use metal colors plus water element colors since metal produces water in the productive cycle. In fact, the right color combination would be to use blue (water) with any metal color, such as white.

You can capitalize on the career luck energy blue and black bring to a home office space. These colors can be used distinctively or together in an attractive combination.

A staffing agency is an ideal business for using blue and black feng shui colors. Notwithstanding, any company in the water industry can select a décor in different blue values with a black accent color. Therefore, a home office under any fluid industry, such as oil, liquid cosmetics, and more, can utilize the feng shui energies found in the water colors.

These colors can make your office feel calming while bringing positive energy to a space. Choose a color scheme that brings the desired energy to your office and stick to it. Cohesiveness is key to eradicating distractions.

Taking Advantage of Feng Shui  In Your Home Office

Regardless of where you work from, you can always take advantage of feng shui office colors to improve your career and work environment. When you follow feng shui rules for element colors, you tap into those governing energies to create an energizing home office

Feng Shui Colors for Business

Some feng shui experts recommend playing up the colors related with your industry element. There are some apparent matches of business types and elements while others are subtle. If you can’t be sure if the element rules your industry, it’s best to avoid using this as the centre for selecting your business feng shui colors.

Water Element for Business Colors

The two colors that symbolize water are black and blue. Water industries linked to the water element include coffee shops, spas, hydropower plants, marine-related businesses, shipping, water producing companies, bathroom-related products, and appliances such as dishwashers and sinks.

Additionally, any business that sells or produces liquids and fluids would profit from using black and blue colors in their business. This may include gas stations, perfume companies, oil refineries, chemicals, hair products, etc.

Wood Element Businesses

The wood element colors are basically brown and green. The businesses that can exploit these wood elements include furniture, logging, printing, textile, building supplies, fashion, florist shops, and much more.

Metal Element Industries

The representing colors for the metal element include silver, gold, white, nickel, chrome, and anything metallic. All metal colors are good choices. Metal associated businesses include metal jewelry, banking/finance, vehicles, equipment, mining, the metal itself, and many more.

Earth Element Businesses

The earth element colors are majorly ochre and tan, and the earth related industries include food, agriculture, ranches, farms, construction, real estate, and pet shops, among others.

Fire Element Industries

The colors for fire element include red (plus all its variances), pink, burgundy, mauve, orange, purple, pink, mauve, purple, to mention a few. Fire-related industries include electrical companies, cafes, lighting makers, electronics, appliance manufacturers, restaurants, etc.

In its broad state, feng shui can be used to make decisions like feng shui office chair color feng shui office desk color. Since chairs and desks can combine several materials and different colors, it is advised to always look at the feng shui guidelines before making decisions based on your needs. With all these, you now know what is the best feng shui color for a home office.