What Are Best Remote Jobs?

Remote work is a work style that works away from the company. In response to the global epidemic of the new coronavirus, an increasing number of companies are introducing new remote work. Thus, there is a need to look for ‘What are best remote jobs?’ these days.


Industries and occupations suitable for introducing remote work

Remote work is said to be compatible with knowledge workers who create value-added intellectual products for companies and society through their specialized knowledge .

Remote work cannot be introduced in every industry. Of course, there are some industries where you have to go to the office to get a job.

Here, we will explain the main occupations that employ remote work. The following are examples of specific occupations.


1.System engineers

Among engineers, there are web engineers, mobile engineers, infrastructure engineers, etc. Including engineers, IT relationship PC because it can work if they have a net environment.

What are best remote jobs - System Engineers

Many people work remotely because these jobs can be done anywhere as long as there is a working environment.

Since engineers need advanced technology, some companies hire them on the premise of remote work in order to secure excellent human resources from all over the world.

For example, if you love problem solving and happen to have travel bugs, software engineers are one of the best nomadic jobs for you.

The person in charge of this can create software for a variety of companies, from inventory tracking systems to financial calculators. There are a wide variety of project types to choose from.

Not only can this be done from anywhere in the world, but it usually has a considerable effect.

According to statistics collected by Glassdoor, the number of people crushing this profession ranges from 630,000 to 133,000 annually. All you need is a laptop to get started and a VPN to protect your client’s data.


2. Creative occupations such as designers:

Web designers and graphic designers can work anywhere if they have a production environment, so many people work remotely.

What are best remote jobs - Designers

For designers, finishing the product is more important than how much time they work, so it is easy to adjust the amount of work per day by yourself.

Many designers also work at home in an environment. For example, if you have the skills to handle Adobe Illustrator, you can work on your PC alone.

Designers can also be said to be suitable for remote work, as meetings with clients can be made using video calls such as email and Skype.



3. Writers/Editors:

It can be said that people involved in editing and content writing do not have to work in a fixed place. Rather, it seems that there are many people who work without restrictions on the place, because working outside gives new ideas and encounters.

What are best remote jobs - WritersEditors

There are writers with various titles such as web writers, magazine writers, and technical writers, but all of them are jobs that often work remotely.

Writer work can be expected to improve the quality of deliverables by providing a comfortable working environment, so the support system may be substantial.

In addition, many writers have a company that is developing a large-scale media business.

Although it is difficult to work in the office for all the writers who are hired, there is an advantage that if remote work is introduced, it can be hired without considering the size of the workspace of the company.


4. Sales and marketers

We are now in an era of remote sales. Sales have also been outsourced, and more and more companies have outsourced non-core operations.

What are best remote jobs - Sales

Inside sales (sales that approach customers by phone or email), which is the opposite style to the mainstream visit-type sales. In some cases, even people who have no sales experience can improve their sales performance by making full use of telephone and email by taking entrepreneurship training.

In addition, those who have sales skills also have a position to manage as a manager of remote sales.





5. Digital marketer

Digital marketing is an area that combines idea testing and analysis to support an individual’s business performance. Digital marketers can help if your employer needs to increase your email open rates or improve your customer service reputation.

What are best remote jobs - Digital-Marketer

The best thing about being alone is that if you choose to do so, you can do all this work online and from the beaches of Bali. Know how to use a laptop around Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics (both can learn how to use it online) and set up private internet access to keep your client’s data safe as long as you can provide data-driven results.

You don’t have to invest anything to become a good digital marketer, one of the most accessible digital nomadic jobs available online.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join for free and get commissions on each sale that comes directly from one of your referrals.


6. Consultant:

Corporate consulting has the option of supporting the company remotely, in which case you will share information via conference call. Such remote consulting is in great demand because it is difficult for local companies to conduct training and meetings in urban areas.

What are best remote jobs - Consultant

Remote consulting will increase in the future as video conferencing can be performed using the Internet and data exchange will be easier.

On the other hand, remote work is difficult for industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, fishery, and hospitality, where business cannot proceed without specific locations and equipment.



Even if remote work is difficult for the entire company, it may be possible to introduce it for some tasks. It is also important to firmly delineate the tasks that can be remoted and those that cannot.