How To Start Working Remotely With No Experience?


In this day and age, working from the comfort of your home on a full-time basis is achievable. Undoubtedly, the number of people working from home within the American workforce spiked up in 2021 by 41.8% due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, there are many opportunities to earn money while working from home from your computer/laptop. You must be thinking, “how can I work from home with no experience?” Great question! Let’s get to it.

Even without experience, it is still possible to work from home and earn money. Online tasks/jobs such as data entry, editing and proofreading, and website or application testing do not need much experience to get started.

I know what you are thinking, and no, this is not one of those get-rich overnight schemes. So how exactly can I work from home without any experience? If anything, you just need to be willing to learn. In this article, I will elaborate more on the previous jobs and what they are all about.

10 Legit Ways to Work from Home with No Experience


1. Data Entry

This is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the work-from-home field. Fast-rising technology has made it much easier for companies to source and hires independent contractors who work on data entry projects they provide.

This job involves the simple task of inputting or instead of entering data from numerous sources into the company’s (digital) system for further processing and management. Other times, the company may decide that the data should be input into a Microsoft Excel sheet.

Not to worry, Microsoft excel is a software application that is easy to learn and to use. This website breaks down Microsoft excel and offers a beginner’s guide. Companies that actively hire workers for data entry tasks/jobs include but are not limited to, Support NinjaAxion Data Services, and Sigtrack.


2. Editing & Proofreading

This is a great option for those of you who have got excellent English spelling and grammar skills. Editing and proofreading are two types of tasks under one roof. Editing includes checking documents for clarity, sentence structure, and flow. It also includes spotting out grammar and spelling mistakes.

On the other side, proofreading is the process of reviewing a document. A proofreader will spot and fix grammar, spelling, and other errors such as typos. Oftentimes, editing and proofreading usually go hand in hand but sometimes can be two separate tasks.

For example, you may be tasked with editing a document but leaving the proofreading part to another worker. Domaine, ProofreadingServices, and Textbroker are some trustworthy websites that offer editing and proofreading jobs. 

3. Website or Application Testing

This task/job involves giving feedback on what may work or not work for a particular website and/or application. Website or application testing is often carried out when it is still in development or instead before its launch.

As some developers may want a beginner’s viewpoint, you do not need to be equipped with knowledge on coding and such. Other times, website or application testing may be carried out on an already existing website and/or application.

As a website or application tester, your task/job would be to carry out a task-based off on either your age, social media use, web knowledge, and/or education. The tasks may involve registering on the website or application and then providing honest and unbiased feedback. Common reviews often take 15-20 minutes.

However, it is important to note that once you have completed your review, payment will not be made immediately. The client will first have to evaluate your feedback for quality. Thus, it is essential that your feedback is detailed and offers suggestions and/or solutions on how the issues you have presented can be resolved.

The average pay for a website or application tester can range from $5 to $20 or more per test. Websites such as Paypal, eBay, and Amazon offer positions for website or application testing.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

Similar to that of a website or application tester, this task/job includes you examining a search engine. Your feedback is usually based on search results and whether they are relevant, spam-free, and accurate.

In as much you do not necessarily need any work experience, you need to be knowledgeable on current events/culture, the internet and possess great communication skills. Other terms for a search engine evaluator are ad quality rater, internet judge, or internet assessor.

The average pay for search engine evaluating can range from $10 to $15 per hour. Companies that offer search engine evaluation tasks/jobs include but are not limited to Lionbridge, Appen, Workforce Logiq, and Google.

5. Virtual Assistant

This job is similar to that of an office assistant. The only difference is that you will be completing tasks remotely or rather from home. Experience is not needed, but you must be highly dependable, efficient, and organized.

Your duties will range from filing and maintaining records, answering and/or making phone calls, to scheduling appointments and events. Several companies hire virtual assistants.

For example, Servcorp, a company that was founded in 1978 in Sydney, Australia, This company provides virtual services and offices on a global scale. Time is also another company that hires virtual assistants who help customers accomplish their aims/goals.

6. Translation

If you are bilingual or happen to speak more than three languages, then this type of job would be perfect for you. This is because you would be able to offer translation services to both individuals and companies on a global scale.

As a translator, your task/job would typically involve converting a written (digital) document from its source language into a specific (target) language. The most important part of your task/job as a translator is ensuring that the meaning of the translated version matches the meaning of the original document.

Translating tasks/jobs range from medical interpretation, book translation(s), business information, speech interpretation, publication translation(s), and beyond. Examples of websites that offer translation tasks/jobs include but are not limited to Gengo and Language Line.

7. Transcription

If you possess fast typing skills, then a transcription task/job would be ideal for you. This type of task/job requires you to listen to audio files of conversations that range from business meetings, college lectures to personal exchanges.

You are then tasked with transcribing them into text files for the targeted audience to comprehend more easily. It may seem a bit complex. However, there are still companies that offer transcription tasks/jobs to individuals without prior experience.

In this case, the company will put you through a transcription and typing test. To qualify for their task/job, you will need to pass the test. The top website and/or companies that offer transcription tasks/jobs include but are not limited to, FlexJobs, SolidGigs, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, and Rev.

8. Micro Jobs

This is typically defined as a small online task that, after completion, you receive a “small” fee/payment. Micro jobs are also referred to as short tasks. They are often done by logging onto the website of a certain company.

Once on the website, you then follow instructions and perform select tasks by clicking on a link. The websites that offer micro-jobs and a variety of micro jobs are Amazon’s Mechanical TurkySense to Clickworker.

An opportunity to earn from performing micro jobs can also be found on online service marketplaces. On these types of websites, you will offer small services, usually at a set fee.

Buyers then go about browsing the marketplace to search for the services they need. When a buyer comes across your services and requires them, they will either bid or contact you for further inquiries and/or negotiations.

Reddit is an excellent example of an online service marketplace where workers, popularly known as Redditors, offer their services for a small fee. Other websites and companies that you can either find micro jobs or offer you services include but are not limited to Swagbucks, Task Rabbit, and Fusion Cash.

When offering your services or bidding for tasks/jobs on an online service marketplace, always aim to complete as much as you can. Without compromising on quality. This is because the majority of these websites/companies will have a minimum payout amount.

This means that you would have to make a certain amount of money before being able to withdraw your earnings to your desired source.

For example, if the minimum payout amount for the website you are bidding on tasks for is $35, then you must at least complete seven tasks that are paying $5 to be eligible for withdrawal of your earnings.

9. Online Juror

When attorneys are preparing for a trial, they often prefer to first create a mock jury. The mock jury will assist the attorneys in obtaining feedback from the individuals present. The feedback is essential as it would be similar to that of those who may eventually sit on the jury.

As it may be costly to have an in-person mock jury, the alternative option is affordable online jurors. As an online juror, your task(s) would include listening to audio and viewing video presentations, reading some material, and answering certain questions.

Important to note is that online jury companies often ask detailed questions from applicants. This is because they are looking for people that match the profile of potential real-life jurors. However, you should NEVER at any one point disclose your credit card number/information, social security number, or bank information.

It is highly advised to sign up for multiple online juror companies. This is because a majority of online jury companies do not need a lot of online jurors. Thus, signing up for multiple companies would increase your chances of getting selected for “jury duty.”

When signing up as an online juror, you should expect to fill out an extensive questionnaire. Online jury websites include but are not limited to JuryTalk, eJury, and Online Verdict.


10. Online Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to earn some money online. Customer feedback is critical to any business. Thus some companies are more than willing to pay for feedback that will help them improve their brand, products, and/or services.

Constructive feedback of a brand and/or its products/services are often collected via surveys. This is because the survey includes a series of questions that, when answered, will give business key pointers for improvement.

Online surveys commonly provide a side income rather than an income that can be depended on as the average pay for a survey can range anywhere from $1 to $8. Also, not all surveys are of the same length. Some can be completed within 1-2 minutes, while others can take up to 30minutes to an hour.

Companies and/or websites that offer paid surveys include but are not limited to, TimebucksInstaGC, Survey Junkie, Unique Rewards, and CinchBuck.

Summary – How To Start Working Remotely With No Experience?

In conclusion, remote online jobs fall into two categories; tasks and jobs. An online task is often short-term and can be completed or instead finished in a matter of days/weeks.

On the flip side, an online job is often long-term and could be completed or rather finished within a couple of months to even years. The key to note is the clear line between having no experience and lacking any relevant skills to carry out a specific task or take on a job.

Every job requires specific skills for it to be completed. Thus, it is highly advised to do some basic research into the kind of online job that you are interested in. The good news is that for a majority of online tasks/jobs, the skills needed to complete/carry them out can easily be acquired through research and learning.

As there are endless opportunities that offer paying tasks/jobs online, there are also an infinite amount of scammers. Always be aware of suspicious deals and offers.

This is especially true for tasks/jobs that require you to pay a “small” fee for you to get the job and get paid. Additionally, never disclose highly personal and sensitive information such as your social security number or the CVC (security code) number of your credit card.

All the best in your endeavors online!