Having a desk without a drawer can be a pain because you don’t have enough space to store your stuff. But don’t worry! There are many ways to organize your desk and make it look neat and tidy.

Below, we’ll walk you through some helpful and practical tips and tricks on how to organize a desk without drawers.


How do I organize a desk without a drawer?

A desk without drawers of course calls for a better organization of your office. Otherwise, the office desk would be just cluttered with items in no time.

It might be that you would need to purchase some items. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to finally have your office organized. The key is to keep everything simple and to have only items in your office that you really need.

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Take advantage of wall space

One great way to utilize wall space is to install shelves on them. Shelves are useful when you have fewer spaces left for all the items you need in your office.

The most basic tip people have to make use of shelf space is to add books on them since they will be of reach when you are seated on the desk.

But make sure you only put on your shelf books that are essential to your work, university. Other books, such as novels, that have sentimental value to your life, you better store somewhere else in your home.

Keep on the shelves only items that are essential to your work.

The shelves installed on the walls can also be used to store other items like supplies and other stuff including some small plants which can be used to design the space.

Here is an external site that may give you some real simple examples on DIY shelves.


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Add a side rail (or hang tension rods)

A side rail or hanging tension rod is a great way to save space and money. The side rail has style and also is much cheaper than a full shelve.

You can use the tension rod to hang things you need more often and that need to be easy to reach.

For your inspiration, here are some ways on how you can use a tension rod for your home office.



Use a monitor stand

If you are working from home, most likely you have a laptop or desktop computer on your desk. Organizing your desk by using a monitor stand helps to keep things real simple and tidy.

Through this, you can add pencil holders for pens at the side of the desk for easy access when you need to write down important stuff while you are working in front of your laptop.

If you use a monitor stand that allows you to store some items below your monitor you make good use of the desk space you have.

And besides that, having the monitor at your eye level helps you keep you to have more ergonomic seating position and reduce back pain.



Utilize vertical space

To make use of what available space you have and to make more of it means you should utilize the vertical space on the desk by adding a tray on the desk wherein you can keep important paper that you often use for work or studying.

Organizing your workspace so it can accommodate all the supplies you need for your work can be a bit tricky especially if you are already running out of ideas to make the most of what available space you have.

You can install shelves that reach from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, organizing your items by storing the office supplies you only use occasionally at the top and the ones you use frequently at reach.



Add a separate storage cabinet

Placing a cabinet near the desk is also an excellent way to maximize the space you have available in the office. If possible find a storage cabinet that has drawers.

Although having drawers means you need to declutter often since scratched or unwanted paper tends to be left inside the drawers of the storage cabinets, it is one of the most popular storage solutions.

If you invest in a storage cabinet it gives you extra space to store other supplies while keeping them in your reach easily.

For example, installing separate cabinets can give you extra storage space for file folders, crafts, and other office supplies that you wish to store in your office.



Keep a trash can close

You may think of trash cans as unimportant since they would take a lot of space in the room, especially if you are trying to maximize the small spaces that you have for your work area.

But having a trash can nearby can help you clean up the mess as soon as you make one or motivate you to declutter papers that are scratched from your previous working or studying session.

Having a trusty trash can nearby in your home office helps you rid of the extra time spent standing up, going out of the room to throw trash, and returning to your home office again to proceed with your work.

You can use the time and energy of standing up and leaving the room to remain focused on your work instead!



Install wall hooks (and lots of them).

Since you are going to make use of every space with your desk without drawers, it is essential that you also utilize the space surrounding it including the walls beside and behind it.

One popular way of utilizing wall space that is close to attach hooks close to your desk. You can hang keys or identification cards with straps to them, so it would be easy for you to spot them especially when you are in a hurry from leaving your house.

Attaching hooks on walls is a simple yet tidy way to save the small space you have on the desk and make it look even more organized.



Install a keyboard tray

To utilize the space below the desk without drawers, you can install a keyboard tray for the desktop computer that you have on the desk.

Keyboard trays are good for adjustability while you are working in your home office since it can help you work more efficiently as you are using your laptop or desktop computer.

There are many trays you can install underneath your office desk. So the keyboard does not take extra space in your desk.


How do I add storage for desk without drawers?

There are a lot of ways to add storage to your desk, depending on the type of desk you have and the space you have available. You might be able to add a cabinet or a bookshelf or some drawers, but it’s important to make sure that the storage doesn’t take up too much space.

The best solution is to find a way to store your items that don’t create clutter and doesn’t take up too much space.


A storage ottoman

A storage ottoman can have many functions.

One is that it could be a bench, second, it could be a footrest, and third, it could also be used to serve as a container to hide all items you don’t need at the moment for your work, all the while not ruining the style or design inside the area if you choose one that complements the color scheme of the place.



A storage chair

Closely related to a storage ottoman is using a storage chair as an organizer. is also a good way to save space in a room. You can use it to store paper, pens, and other items that you use around your office.

You can declutter things that you do not use frequently around the place and keep them inside the chair.


A storage bench

A storage bench can function the same as a storage chair to give the extra room for items in your home office that usually you would have in your desk drawers.

You can organize the items you have and store them inside the bench as well to save space.


Add storage drawers to your desk

There are a number of DIY drawers that you can simply install underneath the desk.

Adding a drawer to your desk can help organize clutter you have lying around the desk. It will also be close to you as you work and you will not have to stand up and waste time to get items that are far from you.

Add a standing shelf

A lot of organization tips recommend that having a standing shelf nearby is a good way to store clutter around the space in an organized manner.

A shelf comes in handy when you are organizing your work area since not only does it take a reasonable amount of space, you can also use it to display important things you have in your life by showcasing them on the shelf. Picture frames and accomplishments belong on the shelf.

Finally, you also can also use organizers to separate your items by colors, sizes, or how valuable it is to your daily life.

Here is a link with some ideas on how a standing shelve can be used.



Do it yourself organizer desk drawers

To expand the use of your desk without drawers, you may install the desk drawers yourself to be able to put more things on your desk. Installing desk drawers by yourself is another way to harness your skills in creating things on your own independently all the while making things so that it would benefit your lifestyle.

The internet is home to millions of free information and ideas, and you can easily search up tutorials on building Do It Yourself desk drawers so you can start a new project that will keep you busy and make more space for the things you want to organize.


What can I put under my desk for storage?

A drawer or organizers are the common items that are used to store underneath the desk for more storage. They are useful in keeping things out of reach from unwanted hands and can also contain trays wherein you can use for stacking your files and folders.

Organization when it comes to someone’s desk is important since it will be the area where you will spend most of your time working while inside your house.

This is why it is important to keep things close and organized to your home office.



There are many ways to arrange one’s office and make the most of what available spaces you have in one room. Having everything close to you especially when you are in the middle of working can help you be efficient in accomplishing your tasks since it would save time and prevent you from distractions.

Even if your office table has no drawers, you can keep your desk and also your entire home office clutter-free and organized.