It has been a challenge over the last couple of years. We have all been asked to work from home, adapting our space to fit with this new trend. With many choosing to continue with hybrid working, sometimes in the office and sometimes at home, setting up a separate space is important. Differentiating life from home is going to start being a psychological necessity.

While some interior design can’t help you love your job, a well decorated and furnished home office can help you feel comfortable working. The right interior ingredients can help you stay motivated working from home – let’s explore in more detail.


Before getting started


Right, so job one is to decide where you are going to set up your office. You have been working from the kitchen table too long, and you need to find something a little more permanent. Then, you need to think about what equipment you need.


Some questions will help:

  • what work will you be doing?
  • what will you need to do this work?
  • when will you be working?
  • what will a typical day look like?
  • will clients be coming into your office?
  • do you have children or pets that could too easily distract you?


Once you have pondered all these issues, you are ready to tailor a space in your home to your work needs.


Things to avoid

While there are lots you will want to put in your home office, there are some health warnings worth mentioning. For instance, avoid allowing distractions into your space, such as televisions, that will draw your attention. Remember to think about storage – you don’t want that space to become cluttered.

Don’t choose the smallest room in the house; you will be spending a lot of your day in the room and don’t want to struggle for space. Finally, if you have many wires, make sure you tidy them away and keep your space free of trip hazards.


Some essentials

You are undoubtedly going to want to personalise your office. However, there are some staples that you should invest in – and invest wisely. You will need:


  • a strong desk that has lots of room
  • an ergonomic chair
  • a laptop or PC
  • a computer stand
  • an extra monitor
  • keyboard and mouse
  • decent, reliable wi-fi
  • paper and other stationery


Go for efficiency


Your home office needs to function efficiently if you are going to be the best at your job. You need to make sure everything in the room has a purpose. So, make a list of everything going into your office before you start. Make sure your room is big enough to house everything you need and that the storage is clear and easy to keep organised.

More importantly than any choices in décor, you need to make sure you have a schedule for when you use the room. When will you work, and when will you close the door on that part of your life? One of the biggest dangers of working from home is losing your private relaxation time.



Making sure you have the right lighting is more than just enjoying the room you work in. The wrong lighting can leave you with headaches and eyestrain. Therefore, you may want to use dimmable lights to get the right level throughout the day.


Décor items

Now we are getting to the fun bit. When choosing items for style, you are creating a room that you love to be in. Some suggested items would really work in a home office, such as a clock or a filing cabinet. However, the best advice is to not overcomplicate the space, keep it functional, and avoid cramming too much in.

The best way to decorate for productivity is in the choice of colour for the walls. Neutral shades work well to keep you focused, and cooler colours will help you stay calmer. Brighter colours will make you more alert and awake but can be difficult to live with for long periods. In all honesty, your choice of colours is highly personal and will depend on what helps with your productivity.



Your home office needs to be functional. You need everything close at hand that will help you be effective in your role. However, you also need to consider the form the room takes. You need to enjoy being in the space, especially as you likely work long hours. Spend some time giving yourself the comforts that will make it a pleasure to sit in.


Author bio:-

Anna Sharples is the office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Tub Chairs, the UK’s leading suppliers of chairs – ranging from the classic tub chair, to angel and wingback chairs!