How to create a home office for small spaces – 7 tips on how to make it happen.

Since 2 month I’m stuck to work in my home office and looks like that it will continue also for some time. That causes a problem, since my home is not set up to have extra space for an actual office.
So I wondered on how can I create a home office for small spaces?
I did a little research and here I came up with 7 tip on how to create a home office in limited space.


Rethink the space you have.

Really, any room or apartment has a corner that is not really used, a niche next to a door or space behind the couch. The idea is to be creative. You might not have the space to put in a big office desk, but still you might be able to have a small working space for your own.
For example: Can you push your couch away from the wall more into the room to create a little niche where you can put a small desk? Then just put a chair in front of it that mach the style of your living room and you have your work place.
Or do you have 2 or 3 feet wide empty wall next to a door? Or can you move a piece of furniture to one side to create that extra room. Then find a small table that matches the furniture next to it and you are good to go.
Or is there a corner in your room that actually is not really used or where a neglected plant is parked?
Then free that area and find a small corner office to fit in.
The idea is clear: Rethink the space you have. Everything is better than working on your couch every day. Having a defined area to work on will help you keep your balance of working and free time. Really nobody wants to be reminded of work when sitting on the couch to relax. So keep it separate!


Here are some examples of ingenious ideas for a home office for small spaces:



A great way to create extra work space is a closet. True, it might be that some clothes that have not be used for some time have to move out. But getting rid of items that you actually don’t really use is a great feeling and give you the boost to use that wasted space more efficient.

You can either pull out part of the closet and replace it with a nice desk and some bookshelf, or even leave the closet doors to cover your workspace all together when you don’t use it.


Home Office for small spaces in closet

Home office for small space in closet


2. Empty corner

If you fin a corner in your room that has no real purpose – great! You just found a great space for your new home office work place. There are great solutions for corner office spaces. But you don’t have to crush the bank for that solution. You even might be able to build something on your own. Some experts say that it would be good to keep the color of the work space a bit different from the rest as to clearly define that corner as a work space.

But I’m not so sure about that. After all the work space needs to fit in your living room or bedroom. And you don’t want to be reminded constantly on work when you enter the room. But I guess that depends on your own taste.

3.Kitchen niche

Yes, I know what you are thinking – why the kitchen? That space is already completely filled with cabinets. Where should I place my office space?
And yes, you are right, most of the homes have build in cabinets that fill the room.

But do you really need all the cabinet space for your kitchen utensils? Or can you maybe free of a portion of he kitchen and create your office space there?
Here are some examples of very creative ways on how to use the kitchen cabinets as office space.


home office for small space in kitchen 1

home office for small space in kitchen 2

4. Coffee table

We said before that it’s probably not a good idea to sit on the couch to work all day. But there are pop-up tables that can be used as office tables as well. And if there is absolutely not other solution than the couch this can help at least to have a more ergonomic solution to work.

Here are some cool transformable tables:


home office for small space coffee table

5. Move your couch

In many homes the couch is located directly at a wall. If the space before the couch is large enough you can move the couch more toward the room and place a little office desk behind it.

Either you can move the table far away to attach an office desk on the backside and have a great view into the living room while working. Or you can only move the couch 40 or 50 inch and use the space behind as a niche for a table, facing the wall.

Some great examples are here:


home office for small space behind couch 1

home office for small space behind couch


6. Build your own custom office desk.

Finding a small space for your office requires that you may think out of the box. A bought office desk may simply not fit into the space that you have. So why not considering building your own? That does not mean that you have to become a skilled carpenter. But maybe you can use shelf’s, boxes, suitcases or other items and transform it into an office.

Here are very creative ways how this can not only be functional but also looking great:


home office for small space DIY

7. Office in a box.

A more fancy way and not for every small room is a office in a box. This is a great solution if you want to transform the office space after work completely back into a living room or bedroom – without any trace of work left. But of course you also need to make space for this piece of furniture. But since it will not look anything like an office space when it’s closed you might find it practical as well.
Here are some examples as well:


home office for small space office in a box

If you find these tip useful or have even more and better ideas please post a comment below.

We will be very happy to publish your comments and suggestions!