How To Choose A Rug For Home Office?

It’s been months since our homes evolved into agent offices, and it looks like the concept of working from home have come to stay.

One thing that has preoccupied many of our minds since working from home has become such an essential part of our lives: transforming that mundane office in the corner of the house into a functional and fantastic home office that inspires creativity and productivity.

The easiest way to define your home office space is to style rugs for your home office. It will immediately anchor the room and give you a starting point for transforming your home office decor.

An office rug will be different from the styles you have in your home in that it will make you feel calm, incorporate exciting texture and pattern to make you want to look forward to the day’s work.

Most times, you find yourself in your home office, and you realize. The floor is too cold! Or you have carpet, but it looks terrible. Either way, you have concluded that you will need a rug for your home office.

Ultimately, how you choose a rug for your home office is subjective and is entirely up to you. So make sure that your rug matches your needs in terms of space, functionality, and personality!
There are still a few things in play when searching for stacks, so stay tuned below!

Is There A Difference? When Choosing a Rug for a Home Office or a Study

For the past ten years now, working from home has gained acceptance as a more common way of working. People have moved their convenient workspace from a remote workplace to their own homes. The design of a home office shows the traditional working environment of the commercial office.

A study is a much more traditional idea and a place where reading or silent contemplation usually occurs. Designing a study was seen as a much more lavish surrounding than the home office environment.

A good quality rug can make a significant difference in any room in the house; however, adding a rug to a home office can be particularly effective.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a rug for a home office, and this should not be taken lightly.


What Is Area Rug?

An “area rug” is the type of rug that would be placed in a home office.
A rug is simply a small rug that will generally be smaller than the dimensions of the room. Area rugs are handy in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.

What Are The Benefits Of An Area Rug In Your Home Office?

We have a rug definition; the next obvious question is, why would you want one in your home office? There must be some advantages or why would you invest in the purchase.

Individual circumstances can create many reasons for using a rug, but four common reasons are:

Acoustic Reasons


Installing a rug in your home office will reduce noise. They dampen sound. This benefits you significantly; you will have a loose work environment to work in and anyone downstairs who might otherwise be distressed by the frequent movements of your chair.

Protection of the existing floor

How To Choose A Rug For Home Office

Most of the floor surfaces will not withstand the weight of a heavy desk and will be damaged by indentations.

Chairs can also do a lot of damage to the ground. Chairs with wheels can cause indentations and also track marks and scratches. Some chairs with uneven surfaces at the bottom of the legs can tear vinyl floors as you slide the chair in and out during the day. The result is that if you choose to move the desk at some point, the floor will look messy.

Thermal Insulation

Comfort is essential to home office users, and some types of flooring can be icy. A rug can trap heat and make your workspace much warmer.

Visual Effect

How To Choose A Rug For Home Office

Home offices can feel very austere at times (imagine the room above without that bright rug), unlike a study that can have higher decor levels. A home office with just the look of the desk and chair in a relatively bare room can seem quite depressing.

A rug can add a touch of color or break up the look of an expanse of floor, making the room much more attractive.

Of course, what we think of as attractive is very subjective; we all have different tastes, but whatever your preference, a rug will allow you to express yourself and personalize your workspace.

Where will the rug be placed?

The rug placement will be under the desk and the chair. The rug can be circular if it is large enough, but practically a rectangular shape will work best.
Some people place the rug under the front two legs of the desk to use a smaller rug, but most of the benefits of the rug are lost if the entire floor area under the desk is not covered.

Consider, when you sit at your desk, that your legs and even your knees may be under the desk, and if your rug does not cover the entire area under the desk, your feet will be on the ground and will not benefit from the thermal qualities, of the rug.

You can also slide the rug as you move your feet under the desk. The rug must cover the entire floor area under the deck.

The chair should be placed entirely on the mat, even when pulled back. If the chair goes off the rug when the chair is pulled back when returned to its normal position, it may snag well on the mat and get stuck.

What size of rug is good for your home office?

As stated earlier, the rug should be large enough to extend fully beneath the desk and chair.

It would be had been better if you also put into consideration any other equipment that you could frequently access during the day, such as a printer.
Ideally, the area covered by the mat should allow the user to walk to the printer while remaining on the mat. However, this is not essential.

The carpet should not interfere with the doors that open to the room. The larger the mat, the more sound insulation and heat retention there will be.

Few Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Home Office

A home office rug can also assist you in adding softness to the floor and visual and stylish warmth. This will make the room complete with minimal effort.
We’ll try to answer some of the questions to help you choose the right rug: what color, what size, what patterns, and what construction to look for when shopping for home office rugs.

The perfect size

Size is always the first thing to consider when measuring the room. The appropriate size and proportion of the rug will go a long way in making the room look well-designed and arranged.

The first question to answer is how you plan to use this mat. Will it be a wall-to-wall rug, or are you looking to cover a small area?

The function of the rug will help you choose the right size for your home office. If it’s not a wall-to-wall rug, name the piece of furniture you’re going to lay it under and measure it accordingly.

This will help you decide the correct size for you. To help you picture the size before you buy the rug, you can use masking tape to indicate the area you want the rug to cover.

If you can’t find the size readily available, you can customize your rug with Jaipur Rugs. It will help you not find but make the perfect home office rug for your environment.


The right construction

The pandemic has given us the opportunity us to stay close to our families and work from home comfort.

But it also means feeling lost, demotivated, and running out of designated space where you can sit and finish your workday without any intervention.
It’s no secret that rugs help to delineate areas very effectively. So a home office mat with the right kind of construction will make your workspace look attractive and even inviting!

Since you will be spending much of the day in this space, it will see a lot of movement from you. This is why most home office rug ideas include a low-profile rug, as it is the perfect type for foot traffic and furniture movement.
A short pile home office rug is ideal for chairs, desks, stools, storage cabinets, etc. Also, make sure to go for a good build quality like a high-quality hand-knotted rug for durability.

If you are on a budget, flatwoven or hand-loom rugs can be a great solution to your decorating needs. You can always smartly style your home office rugs and use them in your home in the office after and when you return to your office.


The perfect color for home office decorating rug

When styling home office rugs, you should ensure you follow the same rule of thumb that you do for the rest of your home. The existing colors in your room can be a great starting point for color selection.

You can select a carpet color that reflects a specific part of the room’s decor for the right mix. A solid color rug can be a sure-fire idea if you don’t want to brighten things up too much.

Any upholstery or patterned furniture in your room will go quickly with the solids. But if your home office has more furniture solids, a rug with a pattern and a splash of bright, vivid colors can add immense character to the room.

The home office is the perfect place for you to get creative. Adding the right home office rug is the first step, and you can build on it with more accessories like furniture, paintings, small sculptures, flowers, etc.

Ensure that whatever office rug ideas you choose should help you feel inspired and motivated every time you step into space for your daily work.


What should the rug be made of?

The most common material used to make rugs is wool. It is popular because it is durable and soft to the touch. It insulates well, and it can also be treated to repel liquids and stains. It is suitable for all high traffic areas.



Cotton is generally used to make flatweave rugs. It’s cheaper than wool but not as durable. Not really recommended for a home office.



It is commonly used to make rugs designed for indoor and outdoor use. It can be easily cleaned and, if placed outdoors, can be hosed down with a high-pressure hose and then allowed to dry naturally.

It is durable and modern fibers are built to look like natural fibers. It will never feel luxurious; instead, it is a practical choice. Go for a durable wool rug if the “feel” is what you are looking for.



Home offices vary widely. We all know that.
Some can be decorated in solid colors (white) and go for a clean, functional look. In these cases, a durable polypropylene rug in a solid color will do the trick.
However, if your room is more traditional in style (more like a study), adding rugs with lots of patterns may be more suitable.

Rooms with many natural kinds of wood enhance appearance compared to rugs colored in oranges and browns because too much color mixing looks awful most times.
Of course, style is purely personal, and choosing the right rug allows you to express your personality!

Rugs make an amazing addition to any room of the home. They are practical, warm, comfortable, and provide cushioning over tiled or wooden floors. They also add artistic value to a room, creating a well-balanced space.

Choosing the right shape and size for a rug differs with each room in your home, taking into account the room’s size, design, and usage.

I hope you are able to discover top tips to consider when choosing a rug to perfect your home office.