How Do I Set Up My Work Phone At Home?

Working at home requires a variety of working equipment and tools to get work done. A working phone is one crucial tool that will enable you to handle all your work matters efficiently. So you might ask, “How do I set up my work phone at home?”

The purpose of installing a work phone at home is to ensure that you always stay connected with your office colleagues and clients. You are also able to stay focused and keep your work organized.

The easiest, most efficient way of setting up your work phone at home is using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for your business phone system.

VoIP refers to a technology that allows you to make calls through an internet connection. Your phone first connects to your router in your Local Area Network. Dial the number you wish to call. Here, your IP phone will “instruct” your VoIP service provider to call the number.

A call is established through the exchange of data packets. Your IP phone then converts digital signals into sounds that you now perceive as a “call.” This technology has many benefits.

This post will describe how to leverage the amazing features that Telzio. It is an internet-based phone system that enables you to set up an efficient business phone system.

What Do You Need to Set Up a Work Phone from Home?

1.A Strong Broadband Internet Connection

If you anticipate a lot of constant communication and many calls, you need high bandwidth and a strong internet connection. This prevents you from experiencing poor quality calls and, as a result, challenges in your communication.

You don’t want to be in the stressful position of being unreachable by the boss. Repeated lack of efficient communication between you and your clients may also result in plenty of business losses.

2.Relatively Reliable Power Supply

Most work phones that are set up at home normally leverage the strength of a good internet connection. For you to even have an internet connection, power is needed.

Therefore, your area of residence must be an area that has a good reliable power supply. If you live where it’s prone to frequent power outages, then you are in serious trouble. When you lack an internet connection, your communication is interrupted a lot of the time.

3.A Good Service Provider (e.g., good VoIP Service Provider)

The best VoIP service provider is one that has excellent and reliable uptime. Select the provider that has high levels of customer service and positive customer reviews.

The VoIP service provider should also offer excellent services that are affordable and offer you unlimited flexibility.

Setting Up A Work (Business) Phone System At Home Using The Telzio Phone System

1.Choose Your Desired Phone Number

The first step is to settle on your preferred choice of a phone number. A toll-free number will enable your clients to communicate with you without being charged long-distance fees for their calls. It does not matter if they are far or from your same location.

On the other hand, local phone numbers will assist you in building a local presence. It will also help your (potential) clients find your office location easily.

2.Select Your Hold Music

The next step is to create your “Hold” music. The Telzio phone system helps you upload music that will entertain your callers when they are “on hold.” It provides you with a variety of default music options that you can use.

Also, it allows you to upload music of your choice as well. Telzio also has a “business SMS” feature that supports text messaging services. This allows you to provide more effective customer support for your clients when they cannot immediately reach you.

3.Use an Automated Attendant

The work of an automated attendant is essentially to greet your callers. An automated attendant engages with your client before you pick up the call to attend to them. This helps in boosting your client’s confidence.

How, you might ask? They know you are available and that you will serve them shortly. This is better than them calling your office phone line(s) and getting no response at all!

4.Manage Your Voicemail

The Telzio phone system allows the transcription of your voicemails into text format. This information is sent to your email, where you can access it either online or via your phone’s convenience.

The message in your voicemails is easily accessible via email after getting the text alert. Thus, you save a lot of time by accessing your messages by email. You simply read the transcripted “summary,” and you are good to go!

5.Set up Your Phone

The upside of using the Telzio phone system as your preferred choice of business phone system is that you can use your existing cellphone as your work phone.

The Telzio phone system comes with the Telzio Mobile App that offers you an easy way of responding to your texts and incoming calls directly via the app.

Benefits That Come With The Telzio Phone System For Your Home Office


  • The Telzio phone system offers you unparalleled flexibility to easily manage all your activities online. A good example is the easy online access of your voicemails that have been transcripted into a text format that you can easily read on email.


  • This phone system provides scalability. As your business or company grows, the Telzio phone system adds more features and resources to handle your office’s increasing demands more efficiently. Features of scaling when using Telzio include the ability to add more phone lines into the existing system. This allows you to handle more volumes of calls.


  • The Telzio phone system is a relatively low-cost phone system. It is very affordable considering the vast array of features (such as fast setup, easy configurability, and impressive reliability) that it offers to its users.


  • Last but not least, this phone system has a host of professional features that give your business a more professional appearance to clients and potential clients. The call forwarding feature, for instance, enables you to always keep in touch with clients. When one line is busy, you can be forwarded to another bar and be served.


How About The Voip Phone System?

The Voice over Internet Protocol phone system allows users to make phone calls over the internet.

Many offices, businesses, and workplaces have embraced the use of VoIP phone systems in their day-to-day operations because of the great convenience and many valuable features this technology provides.

What perks does it offer?

1.Relatively Cheaper Than Traditional Landline Phones. 
The costs involved in the installation process and ongoing use are less. This is in comparison to those accrued when using a traditional phone system. This is because the system solely depends on an internet connection to run smoothly.

The average cost for VoIP phone systems at a business is $20 per user. On the other hand, the traditional phone systems cost about $50-$100 per line on average.

2.High Levels Of Accessibility
With the VoIP phone system, the location of those wishing to communicate and the distance between them does not cause any problems.

The presence of an internet connection is all that is needed. You simply sign in to your broadband account and talk!

3.You Can Use It Wherever You Are
VoIP still enables you to communicate by simply accessing your broadband account if you’re near or away from the office.

There are only minimal, if not negligible costs involved in accessing your account while away from your office. Communication using VoIP technology, therefore, helps you to keep constant contact with other people.

4.It’s A Scalable System
This system can grow simultaneously with the growth of your business. When your business grows, you will not spend more to buy new equipment and new hardware.

Upgrades can be achieved by simple software updates and using more bandwidth. You can also “scale” down (or back) in the event your business takes a hit and “shrinks”.

5.Amazing Voice Quality
A good and reliable internet connection with an equally good bandwidth can give you excellent voice quality.

The only time you experience a substandard voice quality is when your internet connection is relatively poor and weak.

6.Voip Offers You More Features For Your Convenience
To get extra features when using a traditional phone for communication, you simply have to pay for that.

However, VoIP technology presents you with a host of features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and forwarding. Another excellent capability that comes with this system is that users can engage in video conversations and send data files such as documents and pictures.

Are there Downsides to using a VoIP network?

The only issue with the VoIP phone system is that it needs a solid and reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Poor internet connection gives you poor voice quality. Also, power outages can mess you up. You lose access to your phone system whenever the power goes out since power outages disable your internet connection.

Another issue associated with home phone systems such as the VoIP phone system is the problem of latency. You may experience lags and frequent delays when your bandwidth is insufficient. Your calls may even totally disappear.

General Issues That You Can Encounter From Setting Up A Work Phone At Home

1. High Cost of Scaling

Phone systems that cannot be scalable with the growth of your business can pose a huge problem. This is because it will make you incur a lot of material costs.

If you are experiencing an increased volume of calls, this will mean you will have to pay for more equipment and more phones to handle the increased activity.


Bills from a typical phone system, most especially the traditional ones, can be very high. The costs of the phone bills are usually determined by the rate at which you use your phones and your calls’ volume.

Therefore, for a business or office with high traffic of calls, the charges can be enormous. However, service providers such as VoIP charge their clients a flat fee.

This enables them to save on their phone bills, especially if they operate a high volume of calls and a great deal of on-call communication.

3.Loss Of Information

Many phone systems do not possess the ability to store information. Businesses and offices value the data that they use in their operations. They, therefore, always need to constantly access this data.

Traditional phone systems lack this crucial feature. However, other business phone system providers such as Telzio have sought to fix this problem. Telzio provides a feature where your voicemails can be transcripted into a text format and then sent to your email.

You can then easily access this information by simply reading your email messages to deduce what the messages in your voicemail were all about.

4.Poor Quality of Calls

Phone systems that leverage the strength of a good internet connection are rendered useless if you lack sufficient bandwidth. This can result in poor quality of your calls which can cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Miscommunication and information distortion will cause a decline in productivity and a strained relationship with your clients.

Why Do You Need To Set Up A Work Phone At Home?

We have already established that, indeed, installing work or business phone system has many benefits. But is this practice essential? Yes, it is!

This is because it can offer you a great deal of convenience and thus enable you to handle to remotely handle all your duties more efficiently. Setting up a work phone at home ensures you can easily stay connected with your workmates through tools such as video call conferencing.

This helps you discuss work matters and assist each other out if you have challenges in performing his duties.

Clients are also better positioned to access you if they need you to promptly address a particular issue. Some phone systems come with an address book and a directory, thus further helping to ease communication.

Work phones, especially internet-based ones like Telzio, support constant communication even when you are away from your home office. This “On-The-Go Availability” is every professional’s dream. This is in stark contrast to a situation where your employer or client needs you, but they cannot reach you.