How Can I Work From Home Without A Computer?

It’s the most asked question that “how can I work from home without a computer?”. Mostly, people think it is impossible. But in this advanced world, everything is possible. Working from home is common nowadays, however, working at home without a computer is also doable.

You are ready to work online but having no computer makes you panic. Luckily, you need not worry about it as many jobs are available to earn money at home without having a computer. You can read success stories of those who start their online career without a computer.

Before getting to my main topic, I’ll first discuss “why should you get a home-based job?”.

Many people prefer online jobs at their homes as work from home has many benefits. Online industries like freelancing, blogging, content creation have risen on peaks nowadays. Thousands of people have been connected to these industries in every country.


What Are The Benefits Of Home-Based Jobs?

Individualized Environment

Office jobs are unable to give an individualized environment to work. In offices, you have to work in a setup with a team. A chair and a table are provided for you to work. While in home-based jobs, you can work from everywhere. You can create your personalized environment to work at the home.

Also, you can work in a car, bus, or even on an airplane while traveling somewhere. Additionally, you can work online while sitting in a coffee shop or a restaurant.

No Travelling

While doing an office job, you need to go to the office daily. You need to pick and drop service daily. At the same time, online jobs allow you to work from your home. That’s why you don’t need any transport or pick and drop service. Thus, you can cut your transport cost easily.

Daily traveling makes you tired. Fortunately, you can avoid traveling in home-based jobs.

Flexible Timetable

Office work always demands fixed timing. You have to go to the office at the proper time daily. While in an online job, you always fix your working hours on your own. Online work allows you to reschedule your timetable according to your requirements.

We are now coming to our main topic about “how can I make money at home without having a computer?”


Job hunting without having a computer

Home-based job hunting without a computer is a challenging task. It will help if you need a smartphone or a tablet to hunt jobs according to your taste. However, you use your friend’s computer or public computer in any public library for this purpose.


Here are 15 job ideas that you can pursue as home-based without having a computer.

1. Selling Baked Products

Baking food items from your kitchen is an excellent home-based task. Many people, primarily women, bake different items at their homes to earn. Bakers mix other ingredients and then bake.

After baking, they sell their food products. Generally, baking is done in bakeries, but you can do it in your kitchen as many people do.

Different countrie have different legal requirements to the use of home kitchens for products that you want to sell publicly. So make sure you inform yourself before you start your business.

2. Selling Artistic Items

Artists can create different pieces of art by using their creativity. As an artist, you can develop additional items of their creations. You can paint, make sculptures and pottery in their studios.

While working in studios in a particular place, you can work in your home studio. After making your art pieces, you can sell them at different organizations or public businesses.

3. Selling Handmade Things

You can easily make money by selling hand-crafted things. For this, you can display your homemade stuff in a shop or sell them from their home.

In the house, you can put your skills into making different valuable items. Homemade products are in demand nowadays.

4. Freelance Writing or Digital Marketing

The freelancing and digital marketing industry is on peak online industry. You can easily do freelance writing or digital marketing by using your Smartphone.

People do freelance work by using a laptop or computer. But it can be doable through a Smartphone.

5. Taking Paid Online Surveys

Start taking online paid surveys to earn money. These surveys are mostly paid for by different companies. Many people face scams in this regard. So, I always prefer paid surveys of legal companies. We all know that companies never pay high for these surveys.

Companies are given commission proposals in return for selling their products. So, both parties become beneficiaries in this regard. And you can earn through these paid surveys and by selling their products as well.


6. Childcare Center Jobs

Playing with children is a delightful task. Many women do this job daily according to their lifestyles. Children are adorable, and everyone enjoys their company. Playing with them makes you happy.

You should have an excellent, engaging capacity with children, and then you can easily handle children. Sometimes, children make others annoying because of their stubbornness. So, keep trying to hold them nicely.

Childcare services at home need some documentation. You can easily maintain this task according to your schedule. Sometimes, husband and wife both are working at a time, and then they will find difficulty taking care of their children. So, they always hire childcare service at home.

Again make sure you meet legal requirements in your country before you start.

7. Nanny Care Center Jobs

Nursing of adults is an excellent money-making way. If you have a proper specialized nursing certificate, you can easily apply for this job. Senior citizens always need nurses or specialized persons to take care of.

Check all nearby areas and nanny care centers. Make your good profile and drop it in all nanny care or daycare centers. Nanny care centers pay high than other home-based jobs. If you a specific nursing certificate, then you are good to go in this field.

Besides nanny care centers, you can also take care of adults in their own homes. Here they will provide more facilities to you for taking care.

8. Pet Care Jobs

Pet care is an excellent home-based job as many people want to put pets in their homes. But only a few can take care of pets properly. Some people have proper knowledge about pets’ care. They can do their nursing, bathing, vaccination, other procedures like urination or pooping, etc.

People who have the zeal to properly take care of their pets can take training sessions to learn this skill.

Giving pet training to others is also an excellent home-based job. You don’t need any computer or laptop to perform this task. Luckily, you don’t even need a Smartphone as well. A lot of people make money in the care services.

9. Flip Items

Starring on the screen for a long time looks annoying. But flipping items from your smartphone is an excellent technique to earn money. People make money through this method for a long time.

Making a good reputation in the market through flipping items is fantastic. Then, you can easily upload and sell your products online. For this purpose, you can enroll yourself on different platforms.

It would help if you had a smartphone to do this. In past years, many people earn a lot of money through flipping items on other sites like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc.

10. Driving Jobs

Becoming a driver can be a good source of making money. Many people earn money through driving taxes and cars. Driving is their part-time job. Different companies like Uber or Lyft provide job opportunities for driving.

If you have a driving license, then you can easily apply for driving posts in these companies.

11. Delivery Driver Jobs

Delivering food products to people allow you to make money. As different restaurants and hotels provide these jobs of delivering their products to people. Besides food products, you can deliver other products like groceries, household items, or clothes.

Different advanced companies provide home delivery services to their customers. So, you can apply for those posts. Home delivers work at their specific time.

12. Tutor Services at home

We know that online tutors always use computers or laptops to give classes to their students. But you can use a Smartphone for this purpose. Teaching from home and earning money through it is a brilliant idea. Thousands of people teach students online through different apps like zoom, Microsoft team, or Google classroom.

Learning through online apps becomes trendy nowadays because of busy schedules. Students take online classes according to the flexible timetable. That’s why this method is a good source of earning money in this advanced world. Students can take individualized online courses about any subject.

13. Music Teacher

The music teacher can teach their students about different skills related to music. They can teach instrumental skills, musical theory, and various practical techniques about music.

Additionally, musical tutors can give homework or practice work to their students. You can also provide personalized sessions to students about music and its instruments. Luckily, these sessions are paid, and you can easily make money through them.

14. Make-up Artist Jobs

Making a salon or parlor at your home to earn money is an excellent job. Homemakers make a lot of money through it. You can also make money through it if you have an interest in this job.

Creating a salon or parlor at home makes your job easy and comfortable. You can deal with your clients at home or can go with them to their own homes. Providing good service allows you to make good money.

15. Selling Branded Clothes from Home

You can easily make money by selling different cloth varieties from your home. There are two ways of making money in this field. 1st is selling clothes of various other brands by making a deal with that brand.

You can also make your clothing brand and sell them from home. Many men and women make money through this method.


After describing jobs without a computer, let’s talk about the advantages of not using a laptop while working.

Advantages of home-based jobs without using a computer

Jobs without using a laptop always involve physical activity. That’s very good for any person. Following are some benefits of doing a job without using a computer.


  • You will use your body more physically in doing jobs without using a computer.
  • Significantly, you will become more physically and mentally fit.
  • You will feel more energetic while doing physical jobs.
  • You will upgrade your physical hobbies like sewing, cooking, social work, and many others.
  • Using a computer for a long time makes you stressed and mentally disturbed. So, you can easily save yourself from these disturbances.
  • Working without a computer also saves your eyes and backbone stress.
  • Physical jobs give you insurance or your money.


Challenges you have to face while doing a job without a computer

I have described a few jobs above that are related to earn money without having a computer. And all these are good to go. And you can make money through them easily if you are not interested in using a computer. As many people feel annoying while using a computer continuously.

But you are thinking that buying a computer to make money is wastage. Then I suppose you might be wrong as you can make more money with a computer and avail yourself more opportunities. Following are few disadvantages of not using a computer as a source of funds.

  • You will have limited opportunities to earn money.
  • You will consume more time working on a smartphone than on a computer.
  • Only less paid tasks are available on a smartphone.
  • You can quickly get bored while working on a smartphone.
  • It would be best if you lost full-time earning on smartphones.
  • You may have no personal id while working on a smartphone.


Anyone who does not like to work while sitting in front of a computer. But he or she wants to earn money. He or she can easily make money through any job described below. They can work from their homes while sitting on a chair or lying on a bed.

Hopefully, this whole text will be beneficial for everyone who wants to make money from home. You can easily find a home-based job of your interest.
And all you have to do is follow instructions about that specific job. Working at home seems a more beneficial and money-saving mode to earn.

We all know that everything has both good and bad sides. So, working at home without a computer looks good but simultaneously limits your opportunities.

That’s why I have to say that while selecting a job to make money, keep all things in mind described above.