Have you ever been bullied why working in a home office? or are you wondering how you can stop MOBBING when working in the home office?

Firstly let start with what mobbing means.

Mobbing, or as it is also known bullying, is now what people encounter in their workplace. Mobbing is now what is frequently done by some fellow workers in the office to their co-workers. This problem is what people face in their workplace that gives them a setback and discourages them from working with all passion.

People who have been bullied from any source – either in home office or not –  experience great tension, irritability, overall unhappiness, poor concentration, and even a loss of self-confidence.

More serious physical and behavioral symptoms caused by stress include panic attacks, assault, and eventually for some attempts to commit suicide. Most people leave their job, but for those who cannot, it is a nightmare.

We all have to be aware of that problem and stop mobbing, Watching something going on without saying anything (either through a conspiracy of quietness or because one thinks ‘that is how it is around here) suits the bully and sometimes the organization (although I can say it is a very short-sighted view).


What Is The reason For Home Office Mobbing?

There are many reasons why some are bullying others. Sometimes its gives the bully a feeling of power, or simply because it helps them to distract from their own insecurities and faults. Some people support bullies mainly out of fear that they could be the target of mobbing if they don’t support the bully.

Unfortunately, there are times when working in home office where one worker mobs another. Instead of simply avoiding that person, the bully starts to frighten and bully the person.

The bully wants to certify that they are the dominant person. Frequently, they also try to get the other person fired or bully them to the extent that they quit the home office job. As others observe this behavior, sometimes the join the bully out of fear. But this results in the bully turning on them too.

Home office mobbing is very real and can not be taken lightly. It happens in many home offices round the world. The result is that many employees who have to  deal with the mobbing every day, feeling vulnerable and left alone.

Home office mobbing can have different forms. It can include intimidation, innuendo of someone’s character or reputation, harassment, degrading, humiliation, as well as the spreading of rumors. This can occur constantly in the hopes that you will get fed up enough with the home office job. The truth is, home office mobbing is never okay, you only need to hold your ground and stop this disgusting act.

There are several things that you can do to try and help remedy the situation and to protect yourself from further home office mobbing.

How to stop mobbing when working in home office

First off, if the home office mobbing is occurring with your co-workers and does not involve your manager or supervisor, make them aware of the situation. Be careful, however when working in home offices, even authority figures can be part of the harassment.

A good idea is to to keep a journal of all of the harassment episodes. Write down exactly who said or did what and when. This will give you a solid record of exactly what you are dealing with.

When you have this list or journal in place, go directly to your employer or the owner of the home office with your complaints. If the threats and harassment are serious enough, it may warrant your transfer or the termination of the harassing workers.

In order to  stop mobbing when working in home office you can also try to see who else is being bullied, and plan joint action. So you are not facing the issue on your own but rather have others to help you stop the home office mobbing.

But the good news is that there are ways to stop mobbing when working in home office.

These ways are very effective and have been used to stop mobbing on various occasions of home offices mobbing.

These ways are:

  1. Wherever possible, you can express your feelings to the individual, very calmly, without getting too close to them, then tell them to stop.
  2. Immediately tell the individual it’s not OK – because once the attitude is been established it’s a lot more too difficult to remove. Not only do people get used to behaving that way, but they may think you feel it is okay, and marvel at why you are ‘suddenly’ complaining.
  3. In-home office, you can log all incidents of mobbing whether you experience or witness the act.
  4. You can keep copies of all annual appraisals and letters/memos/emails relating to your ability to work.
  5. As stated earlier, If you find it hard to confront the bully, try writing a memo/email to make it clear why you object to mobbing behavior while working in a home office.
But wait a couple of hours before you send it, to give yourself time to ensure you have communicated yourself clearly and do not say anything you will regret.
Writing it down sometimes can just help you to get a better impression about what is needed to be done to stop mobbing when working in home office.


Taking it to the home office manager level, you can stop mobbing when working in home office.

This is done by:


  1. Take all complaints about mobbing in your com pany seriously. If an employer takes the courage to involve you it could be that the problem has already been very serious. So listen and make the employer who brought the matter to your attention and make him feel being heard and taken seriously.
  2. Having a clear policy and procedure (both formal and informal) to deal with all cases of mobbing in your home office.
  3. Protecting everyone (especially both the complainant and the accused). That may even mean moving someone from one area to another in the home office.
  4. Training all your employees or staff to recognize mobbing, deflate, deflect and avoid the dispute escalating.
  5. Always be fair to any action of mobbing and consistent – often the target gets moved. You cannot risk a culture where even some mobbing is allowed. On the other hand, home office owners or managers must be trained to be able to tell people to do their job without being accused of mobbing.
  6. Disseminate your policy and the values it represents. Use the policy against home office mobbing, and also monitor its success. Review regularly to ensure you are achieving your aims to stop mobbing when working in home office.



Mobbing at home office work can stand to be a very sad fact of life for some people, but it is not unavoidable and we should all do well to take responsibility for reducing the level of mobbing that goes on, in home office. As that popular saying goes “bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing”.

So if you see mobbing, experience mobbing when working in home office, or even wonder yourself whether you may be mobbing in home offices, don’t just stand there, do well stop to it.

Stay calm and maintain confidence, plan responses. If you sob, complain, or crumble, then you have given the mob what he/she wants and you’re likely to distance your supporters.

You must not be shamed into disappearing when working in home office, in the end, it doesn’t make things better so keep working, go to all meetings, and keep working with no fear. Even if the bully gossips about you more, just the more you should be tempted to be nicer and more compliant. Being interested and attentive to what is being said can help you stop the mobbing when working in home office.

So it is up to you to stop what is happening by asserting your power and challenging the home office mobbing.
If you have a team in the home office, you can ask your team to help separate the bully and not participate in the undermining behavior.

So stop running and hiding from home office mobbing, and stop rationalizing that it’s not so bad. And don’t forget: You can stop mobbing while working in home office! The tips outlined here, are a great help to stop any act of bullying or mobbing when working in home office. You deserve much better than be mobbed in while working in home office.

If you experienced mobbing while working on home office and you want to share your experience or give some helpful tips please leave a comment below.