How Can I Make My Home Office Design Pet-friendly?

Many people today consider pets to be more than just animals. Pets are our companions. These furry beings today are part and parcel of our families. There is, therefore, a need to consider their welfare when designing our home offices. This situation can lead us to mull over the question, “How Can I Make My Home Office Design Pet-friendly?”

You can design your home office with your cat or dog in mind in several ways. These best practices are essential in ensuring your valuables are kept away to prevent loss or breakage.

A great home office design also guarantees that your pet will be safe in a secluded spot. Having tools such as a fur brush is also highly advisable. By brushing your pet with your fur brush often, you minimize the chance that fur will cling to every item of the room. This is because a fur brush will remove any loose fur on your pet.

A home office created with your pet in mind should also be easy to keep clean. If your pet has a designated area, cleaning becomes easier. You simply go to where they have “messed up” and clean that spot. This is in stark contrast to a situation where you allow them to roam everywhere. The cleaning hassle that will await you will be very taxing.

This post will highlight the strategies you can use in designing a great office that considers your pet. It will also share some of the benefits associated with leveraging these best practices. Our post will also touch on the importance of designing your home office with your pet in mind.


1. Put Your Computer and Other Equipment Out Of Reach of Pets

You should place your computer out of the reach of your pet. Pets are known to be naturally playful. Leaving expensive equipment such as your computer, printer, etc., within your pet’s reach can have you staring at losses of monumental proportions. Your cat may scratch your screen and leave you irate.

In addition, the fur may find its way into the components of your computer and other equipment and damage the equipment when it accumulates. As a recommended practice, put your equipment at elevated levels and heights that your cat or dog will not be able to reach.

2. Use A Fur Brush And Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

Fur is one of the features that make these lovely beings so adorable. However, this same fur can also be a great nuisance and a huge source of frustration. When your cat deems it fit to stroll on your laptop, a lot of fur may get trapped in the buttons. The increased buildup of fur may cause damage to your computer and electronic equipment through malfunction.

Other items that will not be spared are your documents as well. The fur will find its way to your documents and make them looking crumpled and unprofessional from fur.

This is where a fur brush will come in handy to groom the cat. Brushing its fur regularly keeps its hairs in excellent condition and minimizes the chance that fur will fall off all over the office. Vacuum cleaning your working area regularly also helps you keep at bay, accumulating fur in your office equipment.

3. Plan for Your Pet’s Nap Times

Adorable or not, pets can be very nagging with their playfulness. Yet, it is one of the things that draws us towards them. We must create an atmosphere and a plan that will get our pets to nap.

Set up a routine that you will use to get the pet to nap and stick to the plan religiously. For example, you can decide that you always feed it whenever the pet’s nap time draws closer. Thereafter, you play with it for a few minutes.

A little cuddling here and there and the warmth you give your cat or dog will have it asleep within a short while. It is at this point then that you can embark on working without distractions. You can fully focus on your work, be more productive and produce high-quality work.

4. Set a Secluded and Comfortable Spot for Your Pet

This is another great way to control the distractions that having a pet can give you. You can create an enclosure or nest where they can exclusively be staying while you are working.

Working at home will often put you in a position where you are required to attend online meetings. Imagine a situation where you have a meeting on Zoom, and your cat is beside you, purring relentlessly. That will be the height of unprofessionalism.

It is thus imperative that you set up a separate zone where you can lock away your pet for such situations. Create a nice playing spot for your pet and make it comfortable for them. It should be comfortable enough that it offers them a sense of calm and allows them to settle on that spot without causing unwanted chaos.

5. Adopt a Design That Promotes Safety of Both Your Valuables And The Pet

Your home office should be set up in such a way that the safety of both your pet and that of your valuables is assured. If there is one thing that pets are especially good at, it is to break and smash things.

For your peace of mind and as a strategy of preventing losses, adopt a minimalist approach to your office design. What does this mean? This is essentially having only the most basic items in your office.

If you have to place a decoration or art piece, ensure it can be hung onto the wall. Store your office supplies in a drawer.


1. Sense of Happiness

The playfulness that pets have creates an atmosphere that is full of positive feelings. Pets bring out the happy child in you, and you often find yourself “acting childish” because of your adorable puppy or that furry little cat of yours. This will always leave you with a feeling of happiness.

2. Rise in Creativity

The presence of having a pet near or in your office can give you a feeling of calmness. When you are calm, you can be able to process your thoughts better. This enables you to tap into your creative juices and create solutions to your work challenges.

3. Boost Your Mental and Physical Health

Pets are a great source of company. Naturally, human beings are social beings and often enjoy the company of others. In short, no one quite enjoys solitude. With a pet, you do not experience feelings of loneliness since your pet is always available to offer you company.

In addition, playing around with your pets and taking them for walks may go a long way in ensuring that you keep fit through the “involuntary” exercise.


1. Allergies

Some people are normally allergic to pets. These allergies may be mild or severe. If you are one of them and you have to have a pet, strive to put the pet in a secluded spot at a considerable distance away from you. You can also choose a non-furry pet like a goldfish.

2. Cleaning

Keeping pets at the office will demand high levels of regular cleaning. Activities such as vacuum cleaning, washing of your carpet, and spraying of the air need to be done constantly. If you can do these, then a pet at the office will be great for you. If you are not up for these tasks, don’t keep a pet in your office.



  • Furniture made with metal, chrome, and such materials are more desirable. These will not be “chewed” by your pets.
  • Laminate your flooring, or you can use stone or ceramic tiles. Avoid hardwood floors as they can be dented and scratched easily. Rainy and muddy days call for your floor to be easy to clean.
  • Avoid highly textured walls. These will attract pet fur. Satin or semi-gloss paint will go a long way in helping you to repel fur and to keep those walls glistening clean.
  • Avoid tables that sit too low – the candles, glasses, and other breakables sitting atop may fall.
  • Store the garbage well. Garbage gives off different types of smells. The odor attracts our pets to come because they are curious, and of course, we have to prevent that. It may have materials that are toxic or even lethal to your pets, so you don’t want them getting into it. Be sure your garbage is secured and can’t be accessed by a pet.
  • Always use materials that won’t be dramatically affected by wear and will be easy to clean. Materials like leather and ultra-suede will be perfect options for your furry friends’ claws. Covers sewn from washable fabrics are the wisest, most affordable choice.
  • Store pet toys throughout the house or incorporate pet play stations into the décor. Attach trendy shelves for cats to climb above their scratching post. Designate a toy box in the playroom. Teach him to fetch those instead of the kids’ toys. By making pet playtime spaces exclusive, it may reduce the chances of them chewing your office equipment, thinking they too are toys.
  • Incorporating beds into the décor of several rooms avoid extra chores and keeps pets feeling safe. Have their beds (and litter boxes) located in comfortable places that aren’t too isolated. If pets don’t feel comfortable with space, they are unlikely to use it.
  • Many common household plants are toxic to animals, and we should be aware of them. If you have cats, lilies can cause kidney failure for them. Other toxic plants to pets are amaryllis, poinsettia, and Aloe Vera.
  • Make sure to keep breakables out of the reach of strong wagging tails. Always try seeing things from a “pet point of view” and keep anything that could choke, electrocute or suffocate an animal. Keep electrical cords hidden or covered by having the TV stand against the wall or putting cords into a box that animals can’t open. Look out for similar risks and prevent those as well. It’s also important to keep human foods and medications out of reach as well. We wouldn’t want them to get harmed or get sick.
  • It is important to store the food of your pets in a safe spot and always sealed. Put the food in a wide bowl with considerable depth. This will minimize the chances of spilling crumbs on your floor and reduce the chances of attracting rodents.
  • We usually have our pets inside our home, but they have to get some sunshine. Build a seat by the window so cats can curl up in the sun, give birds a good view of the birds in the yard, and make sure your pet has lots of light while your clients are at work. Give our pets a bright, happy place to spend their day while also keeping them safe.
  • Space is vital to our pets because they love to play around and move from one place to another. It’s safer if there’s a bigger space for them to walk, run or wriggle. Ensure your office is animal-friendly with spaces that free of places where pets might become lost or stuck without access to food and water.



A pet at the office is a great idea. This is a fresh strategy to ensure you can be able to get your work done unconventionally.

Some of the things to remember are to observe cleanliness, proactively storing your valuables away, and regular grooming of your pet. Do these, and working with a furry cat or playful dog by your side will be extremely beneficial for you!