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We’re living in a global economy, and there are a lot of things you can learn from other countries. For example, France has some of the most stylish and comfortable home offices I’ve seen. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples!


A room with a view



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Home offices in France are often found in the kitchen or living room. There’s something about having your office in a space where you’re also cooking, eating, and relaxing that makes it feel more like home. It’s not a strict rule, but many French homeowners choose to have their office near the entrance of the house, so guests can see it and be impressed by how hard they work.


A desk that doubles as a dining table



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French people love to eat, and their office spaces are designed accordingly. In Paris, for example, there’s a restaurant with a fully functional kitchen and dining area where the waiters also work as chefs. The kitchen is in the middle of the room, and the tables are set up around it. The idea is that you can eat while you work, and vice versa.

A library-style desk


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This is a great idea for people who want to use their home office for more than just work. It’s also a great way to create a serene space where you can read and study. A library-style desk is perfect for this type of work because it gives you room to spread out your papers and books without worrying about them getting lost in piles on the floor.

A lofted bedroom


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A lofted bedroom is great for a home office because it is usually big enough to hold an office desk, a chair, and some storage. The lofted bedroom also has the advantage of being located in the center of the home, which means that you can have a window on two sides of the room. This will give you plenty of natural light to work with.

A small home office


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A small home office doesn’t have to be a cramped, dark room. It can actually be a beautiful, cozy space. For example, the French blogger and interior designer, Cécile from Les Jolis Mômes, has a small home office that is well lit and decorated with her favorite things. The space is also very feminine with light pink walls and white furniture.

A French home office is usually a small room.


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In a French home office, the desk is usually located in a small room that is separate from the main living space. A French home office may have a sofa, but it’s not usually a place where people will hang out. The French home office is typically used for work and not socializing.

A desk is often the centerpiece of the space.


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It’s a desk, but not as we know it. The French desk is more of a work station that blends into the background. It’s often designed to be a little higher than a regular desk, and it’s not uncommon for the entire thing to be covered in plants and flowers. You can also find desks that are designed with an open design so you can see what’s going on behind it. This is great for those who are working from home because it gives them the illusion of being at their office.

A French home office is often a feminine space.


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A French home office is often a feminine space. The office is typically a small room or section of a larger space. It is usually painted in soft colors and decorated with flowers, pictures, and other feminine touches. In France, the home office is often an extension of the bedroom. It may be used as a place to work on laptop or to take phone calls.

A French home office is usually a place for work and relaxation.


Friday Favorites Beautiful French Vintage Style Furniture – French Country CottageFrench Country CottageFriday Favorites Beautiful French Vintage Style Furniture


The French have a tradition of using the home office for both work and relaxation. It’s usually the one room in the house that’s not reserved for cooking or sleeping. They often use it as a place to entertain guests, since it’s usually in a central location.

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