Does a Home Office Without Windows work?

Does a Home Office Without Windows work?

If you work from home, a home office is proven to improve your productivity. And given the current situation, chances are that you are working from home and so, a home office would greatly improve your working experience. But do you really need a window in your home office? Does a Home Office Without Windows work? Let’s find out.


A home office is any space exclusively set up for your work and nothing else. It does not need to be an entire room. Just a desk set up specifically for you to work on can be a home office. The benefits of having a home office are so abundant that it is a must if you want to be productive and get things done.

But many people would advise you to make sure that your home office has windows. Here we will discuss how a window affects your productivity, its necessity for a home office, and additional details.

But before that, let us discuss the importance of a home office and what makes a good home office.


Why Should you Have a Home Office?


Working straight off your bed is a definite no when it comes to working from home. One way or the other, your brain will keep you from being productive when you are in a comfortable space like a couch or a bed.

Similarly, having too many distractions around will also lead to less efficiency when it comes to getting things done. So, to get work done as efficiently as possible, having a home office setup is ideal.

Plus, having a proper home office in the United States will help you with tax deductions as well. It is a win-win situation, no matter which way you look at it. But what is it that essentially makes your home office good? Let us find out.


An Ideal Home Office


An ideal home office is minimalistic and clutter-free. It has ergonomics as its basis, and everything is set up solely to help you work productively, and nothing else. So, a generic yet ideal home office would be a desk with your PC on it, along with some necessary files.

That is how simple it is. Of course, you would need a comfortable chair, have an electrical outlet nearby, sit at a comfortable screen angle, etc. But that just shows you how focused your working space ought to be.

Apart from this, the use of footrests, auxiliary keyboards, etcetera, all add to your home office experience, and it is recommended that you do not skimp out with your set up.

But does your home office need a window? Yes, and no. Let us explain.


Effect of Natural Lighting on Your Quality of Life


According to a study, employees whose workspaces were situated near a window had a higher quality of life and were more relaxed overall. This shows us that adequate lighting allows you to work better.

Studies also show that natural lighting is much more effective at increasing productivity than artificial lighting, stating that the students who studied in natural light had 25% better results in exams compared to those who studied by artificial light. More than 33% of employees report that not having enough lighting has an adverse effect on their quality of work and life.

Working in an office without windows can lead to 46 minutes less sleep per night. The main reason has to do with how our brain processes ambient lighting.

Our brains associate days with times to work and hustle. What is the major difference between night and day? Light. That is it.

In the absence of light, your brain is naturally wired to gravitate towards resting. In the presence of light, you have the natural urge to work.

Ever felt lazy on a drab rainy morning? Well, that is again due to the lack of light otherwise associated with an energizing sunny day. Similarly, lighting can affect your sleep patterns too. So, you are biologically wired to be productive when in proper lighting.

Adequate lighting also protects you from unnecessary strain on your eyes, which keeps you from getting tired. This why good lighting is so important for productivity, whether in the home office, study room, or for general chores.

And the recommendation of windows for your home office is based on this very principle.


Is a Window Necessary for your Home Office?


Strictly speaking, no. A window is not vital to your home office, but it might be so if you want a good home office experience. You can still manage without a window in your home office without losing much functionality.

But the quality of life associated with a windowless home office is definitely not on par with one equipped with a window. So, although not necessary, a window in your home office is always recommended.

You can try to make sure that your set up is near a window to take full benefit of natural lighting and bring a bright addition to your home office.

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Benefits of Having a Window in Your Home Office

Now that you know that having a window in your home office is great, let us look into the details of why. Here are some great benefits of having a window in your workspace.

  1. It boosts energy levels during the day

As discussed earlier, you experience increased energy levels at day. It keeps you from experiencing eye strain and exhaustion.  It also keeps you focused, shakes off any mental fog, and get down to work. Having a window in your home office will definitely boost your energy levels throughout the day.



  1. Reduces Job Stress

According to a study, people who are exposed to more than 3 hours of daylight each day experience less stress as compared to those who do not. Stress can be taxing and obviously affects the quality of work you wish to carry out. So having some daylight shining on your whilst your work will keep you from getting stressed.

  1. Improves Overall Happiness

Just having the option of looking out your window when taking a small break from work brings a smile on our faces. It surely will to yours too. So, to keep things from getting too grim, a window in your home office will help improve your mood.

  1. Keeps You in the Now

Having a window in your home office will prevent you from getting disconnected from life in general. The positive psychological effect of having a window through which you can see the world outside helps you work in a more relaxed and control manner. Plus, having a little break now and then to see outside never hurts.

  1. Regulate Your Home Office Temperature

Sunlight coming in from windows can naturally warm your workspace to make it comfortable to work in but not too cozy to make you dose off. So, save some bucks by having a home office with a window!


But What if You Just Cannot Have a Window in Your Home Office?

Well, essentially, a home office without a window does work, yes. But do we recommend it? No. But let us say you just cannot have a window in your home office. Now what?

Well, you can trick your brain into functioning similar to as it would at day by supplementing the lighting in your room through the use of artificial lighting.

So use some lamps and bulbs around your workspace to trick your brain into thinking that it is time to work!


We said it twice, and we will say it again, yes, a home office without any windows works. But if you ask us, we would not like to be working in that claustrophobic space. Given the benefits of having a window in your home office, it seems like a no-brainer to have a window in your home office.

So try your level best to include a window in your home office. But if you just cannot, use artificial lighting to amplify the ambient lighting of your home office and try to trick your brain into working as you want it to.

We hope this article gave you an insight into what a home should be, its importance, and the importance of a window in your home office. We hope you found the information useful and wish you good luck in setting up an ideal home office!


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