Best Speakerphone for home office in 2021 – TOP 10.

We live in a digital world, in which some of us may have recently started working from home, and some of us may have already been working from home for some time. And maybe so far you did not give much thought to the best speakerphone for home office. As all this started you certainly had other things to care for first.

But the truth is: the Digital World has its necessities, the most important one being audio. Since you are working from home, you want to make sure that you can hear the other person well, and your audio output is also crystal clear so you can bring out the confidence in you.

Now you might think we are working from home so why would we need a speakerphone for home office, a fid the best speakerphone for home office?

The answer is quite simple, you will be attending calls or talking to clients for hours on end, so you want to make sure you are comfortable while doing that, you could use a headset, but that will cause ear fatigue. With a speakerphone not only are your hands-free, but also there is no ear fatigue at all, and it can multitask as a speaker for music as it will have excellent sound quality.

This list of the best conference or best Speakerphone will help you get the right one for you.


The Buying Guide – Best Speakerphone For Home Office In 2020 – Top 10


Whenever we set out to purchase a product, there are certain factors which help route our way to the best possible outcome for us, or those factors positively influence your decision.

Here are some of the factors that will help lead you to the best speakerphone for home office:

  • Microphone; A Good Microphone plays a substantial role in helping you excel at work in this digital world of ours. A Good microphone will make sure that you are the talk of the town and not your loud background. Furthermore, if you have an excellent noise-cancelling mic; you are not limited to a “quiet” place as you can attend a call anywhere anytime thanks to your noise-cancelling Mic.
  • Battery Life: Your Speakerphone is one of your most essential tools, so you want to make sure that if your Speakerphone supports wireless connectivity of any form it has good battery life so you are not limited to a single confined space and can attend meetings without having your Speakerphone dying midway and making you look and feel awkward.
  • Sound Quality: It is no secret that a speakerphones primary job is to provide good sound quality; however, we are not after good here; we are after excellence. Precisely why you should make sure that the Speakerphone you are looking to purchase has excellent sound Quality, which will allow it to be used for other tasks as well, such as listening to music or audiobooks.


Top 10 Speakerphone For Home Office In 2020:


Jabra Speak 510+

Jabra Speak 510+ UC Wireless Bluetooth/USB Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone

Overall rating:

Jabra is best known for making office-related audio peripherals, and you have to do Something well to be this known and praised in the community.

The Jabra Speak 510 is one of the most known and celebrated speakerphones; The 510+ is from the same family and has some of the same DNA as the original 510.

Let us talk about the sound Quality first, Jabra has been making audio peripherals for a while. So you don’t need to worry about the sound Quality of this Product. Since it is unified communications certified, you can use it with VoIP software such as zoom or Cisco and get excellent sound quality. This speaker also makes for a great multi-tasker to listen to music.

Next, we have volume control, which is relatively easy and straightforward on this Speakerphone. You will see some buttons on the ring of the speaker, which will allow you to control the Volume. A single tap will raise it by some or a single tap on the minus sign will lower the Volume

It is effortless to use if you follow the instructions you will get it up and running in no time.

The Noise cancellation on this Product is excellent, as I said earlier you have UC support so you will sound better on a platform such as Cisco or Skype.

Overall this Product gets a 4-star rating, let down only by the fact that the USB dongle that makes this speakerphone wireless does not come stock with it.

The 510+ is an excellent choice for a speakerphone on a budget thanks to its UC certification coupled with Ease of use and the audio input along with the output

  • Good Microphone
  • Portability
  • No USB dongle stock with the Product.



Anker PowerConf

Anker PowerConf

Anker is a company celebrated for making phone peripherals; they have undoubtedly mastered their craft.

After all, they are known for their power banks, and that has been integrated into the Speakerphone. The Anker Powerconf can also act as a power bank charger thanks to its 6700 mah power battery. So if you ever need some extra charge, then all you have to do Is plug your phone into the speaker.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the sound Quality of the PowerConf. You get a great experience regardless of whether you use it as a speakerphone or a speaker for listening to music or audiobooks.

The Volume control on this headset is as simple as it gets, you have a couple of buttons on the front of the speaker two of which happen to be Volume buttons to raise or lower the amount of Volume.

Unfortunately, Ease of use is a section where the PowerConf loses some points. The Powerconf has its app, and that is the problem. You need to update the firmware of the speaker regularly, or you may face issues, not all of us find that easy.

The Noise Cancelling is the strongest point of the PowerConf thanks to 6 microphones that pick up audio in a 360-degree field—ensuring that your sound is not only crystal clear but also brings out the confidence amongst you.

Overall this Product excels at what it does, it is only let down by its app, but other than that this has unmatched Noise cancelling and a feature like no other; the power bank charging.

Couple that with the battery life this speaker provides and you have a recipe for greatness, a 6700 mah battery can not only last for 24 hours but also charge your phone if needed, which makes this a great option which is also portable and quite handy if you need to hit the road.


  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Good Build quality
  • Multipoint supported
  • Firmware needs update.





Sennheiser SP 20

Sennheiser SP 20

Sennheiser is the Rolls Royce of audio peripherals especially headsets. The fact that they are venturing into speakerphones means one thing; The standards are about to go a lot higher.

What can you expect from Sennheiser in this category? Excellence and only excellence. The sound quality is brilliant. You will not regret purchasing a Sennheiser product for its sound quality. But this is also the department it loses some points in. Some people had Volume related problems which effected their audio quality experience. However, a quick talk with the seller can get that sorted due to the 2-year warranty.

Volume control is simple and easy to use. Once again you find buttons on the ring of the Speakerphone with the Iconic Sennheiser logo in the middle.

This Speakerphone works perfectly with software such as Microsoft tea, zoom, skype, and Cisco, to name a few thanks to the UC certification.

The Ease of use is high on the SP 20, mainly due to the wide range of options in terms of connectivity. You get not only a wireless option but also an aux option so you can plug and use if you don’t feel like wirelessly connecting your Speakerphone.

Noise cancellation is also good. Whenever you purchase a Sennheiser product, you are guaranteed to get an enjoyable experience.

Finally, let us talk about the overall experience; You get Excellent sound quality coupled with UC certification and the Iconic Sennheiser name. So there is nothing you are losing out on.

You get multiple ways of connecting and using the device, you get Very Good battery life, and that is backed up by noise cancellation.

What other Speakerphone gives you a dedicated mode option? You can switch between music for when you want to relax and phone call for when you want to get to business.

The Versatility it offers makes this the perfect option for those who enjoy multitasking.

  • Mute button in Red
  • Anti Echo
  • Supports Multipoint
  • Some people had volume-related problems.




eMeet Conference Speaker

eMeet Conference Speaker

The Emeet, probably has the best looking ring out of all the speakerphones here. It has a simple yet modern look to it.

Sound Quality is made a priority here. The eMeet seems to about everything you desire in Speakerphone, and that trend starts with the sound Quality, you get excellent and audible sound quality even if you are some feet away from the speaker. This is all thanks to VoiceIA Algorithm, which makes sure that the sound is clear and rich.

No surprises here, the volume control is simple and easy with buttons on the centre of the speaker which allow you to quickly lower or higher the Volume.

Unfortunately, this suffers from the same fate as the Anker, it has an app, and if the app is not used correctly, then your experience will not be that good.

Noise-cancelling reigns supreme on this speaker, here it uses the VoiceIA system to eliminate echo from your voice and background.

To Conclude this headset dominates in-terms of sound quality, you get clear and rich audio, while not having to change modes when you play different types of audio as the speaker does that for you.

The Volume control is Something that all speakers have so nothing much to discuss here.

Ease of use is where points are lost because of its app, which can degrade the experience.

Noise cancellation is where the eMeet takes the throne, and the VoiceIA system comes into its own here. Making sure your voice is isolated from your background and that your all echo is removed. You can talk with confidence knowing just how good you sound on the other end.

eMeet is the way to go if you are looking for a modern and feature-packed speaker.


  • Sound Quality is beyond excellent.
  • VoiceIA makes sure your voice is isolated from your background.
  • Mic direction enables good audio output.
  • If the app is not correctly used the experience can degrade.




Kaysuda Bluetooth Conference SpeakerPhone

Kaysuda Bluetooth Conference SpeakerPhone

The Kaysuda is like a mix of the Jabra 510+ and the eMeet in terms of design. You get the simple design from the Jabra paired with the modern look of the eMeet.

This thing is built for conference calls, and that is why it should come as no surprise that the Kaysuda excels in this category. However, this is also the area it falls short in. The Volume is not that high for some users taste. If you also happen to be someone who likes their speakerphones to be very loud,  then this won’t cut it, but it is good enough for a conference just not for multitasking.

The Volume Control is also simple, but as stated earlier, do not expect it to be deafening.

The Kaysuda just keeps getting better and better, thanks to Voice Assistance support you can use your favourite voice assistance and keep your hands free and your life easy.

Noise Cancellation is like a piece of cake for the Kaysuda, featuring 360 degrees omnidirectional with 4 AI smart microphone arrays means that the Noise cancelling is top-notch add to that the VoIP software support; and you can use this for software such as Cisco and sound perfect.

At the end of the day, the Kaysuda makes for a great addition to your home office firstly because it is built to do conference calls well and it excels at just that.

Volume control is simple, and unfortunately, this is where it falls short, if you like your audio to be deafening then this won’t cut it, however, if you want a rich and loud( not deafening) speaker then this is an ideal option.

Ease of use is high thanks to voice assistant support.

Noise Cancellation is outstanding thanks to 360 degrees omnidirectional with 4 AI smart microphone arrays.

If you want a mix of two outstanding speakers, then look no further.


  • Voice assistant support
  • Sound Quality is Ideal for conference calls
  • Portable
  • Audio is not deafening (some users may prefer that).
  • No Simultaneous usage.




Sennheiser SP 30+

Sennheiser SP 30+

The SP 30+ is like the big brother of the SP 20, with a different name comes to a different price tag but also an impressive speakerphone.

Sound Quality is what Sennheiser has always been known for, and that is translated right into the SP 30+, Rich and clear audio is Something of the past for this speaker, it is all about unmatchable audio. You can get “exceptional” audio with up to 8 participants who make this a speakerphone to desire.

Volume control is no different from the Sp20, simple and effective.

Ease of use is excellent simply because you get a USB dongle in the box which can be stored on the underside of the speaker, so not only do you get a secure method of connectivity but this also makes the speaker more portable.

The Mic is about average; it Is not bad however it is disappointing; keeping in mind what you expect from Sennheiser, the one upside is that all software such as zoom, or Microsoft teams are supported so that will improve the microphone experience a bit.

On the whole, Sound Quality is Something Sennheiser is known and celebrated for, and that is translated right into the SP 30+.

“Exceptional” audio is at the forefront, purchasing this speaker for the sound quality will leave you pleasantly surprised.


Volume control is about what you expect it to be, Just like other speakers; simple.

Ease of use is one of the many positives; you get a USB dongle to connect the speaker in the box wirelessly; which means not only do you have a secure means of connection, but that USB can also be stored on the underside of the speaker which makes it very portable.

The Mic is merely average, but software support for software like Cisco improve the experience a bit.

So this is an excellent addition to your home office if you want exceptional audio quality.


  • Comes with a dongle
  • Multilink support
  • The dongle can be stored on the headset
  • The Mic is Average.



Konftel KO-910101081

Konftel KO-910101081

This may be a speaker that you see on multiple lists, and that is just a testament to how good it is!

Sound quality is good and is high definition; it is lightweight and does what is asked. So if you are looking for a lightweight and aggressively priced speakerphone which has good sound quality then look no further.

Volume control is simple; however, the Konftel misses the mark here, while the sound quality is excellent; the Volume simply is not. The Volume Is not that loud, so while it does get the job done; you should not expect a whole lot from it in terms of Volume. To conclude; this does make for a suitable conference speaker, but that is all you should expect from it, don’t expect to listen to music and be blown away by how loud it is.

The Ease of use is relatively high on this speaker, add to that the battery life and quick charging and this makes it quite easy and practical to use.

The noise cancellation and the Mic, in general, are good; it can pick up your voice from a long distance which allows you to move a little bit when it comes to talking to someone.

To sum up; The sound quality is good and high definition, so you will not have any issues with the actual quality of the sound as that is rich as nice with good highs and lows.


Volume control is fine, but the loudness is not, the speaker is not loud enough to listen to music or do anything other than attending calls and still have an enjoyable experience.


Ease of use is high when coupled with battery life and quick charging.

The noise cancellation and Mic are good, and the Mic can pick up your audio from a long distance which makes this a good choice.

  • Aggressive price
  • Picks up voice from a long distance
  • Charges Quickly
  • Low Volume



AT&T SB3014

AT&T SB3014

Put this on your desk, and the other team already knows that you mean business, just look at it. You can tell what it was built for.

Sound Quality is excellent; you get a speaker in the middle with four wireless microphones which can be detached. Thanks to features such as full-duplex technology, digital mixing and audio equalisation; you are sure to get a praiseworthy experience, and this also makes sure that nothing is lost in translation. Now having all this also means that you can use it for multitasking, it may not be that practical but you still can.

Volume control is excellent simply because of a dial pad, which makes this a more practical option in terms of use.

Ease of use, unfortunately, is low on the SB, just to hook it up to a telephone and make it act as an analogue line you have to go through a hassle. However, the SB3014 does support Dect technology which means that your connection is more secure and better when compared to Bluetooth, so it does get some points for that.

Noise Cancellation does not fall short in any way, with six microphones; 2 fixed and four wireless you are not limited by the microphone. You don’t need to sit right next to it for the other person to hear you correctly, which is great.

So should you buy this Product? Yes, it is a very versatile speaker and offers features such as DECT and a dial-pad; features no other speaker in this list offers.

The best thing is that you do not need to worry about charging the microphones, just put them in their slots, and they will automatically charge if needed.

The SB3014 is perfect for any office; you get a dial pad and wireless microphones, which make this a very praiseworthy product and a practical tool.


  • Great Sound Quality
  • Wireless microphones.
  • Not compatible with or phone system.


eMeet M0 Conference Speaker

eMeet M0 Conference Speaker


The M0 is probably the most accessible speaker to use here, you get a simple plug and play rule meaning you do not have to go through the hassle of finding and installing drivers.

Since it has an aggressive price, you expect corners to be cut. However, they are certainly not cut when it comes to Sound Quality. We once again see the VoiceIA system here; it has to function well for it to be so celebrated. Clear and rich audio is Something you do not need to worry about, add on top of that the noise cancellation this provides and you have an outstanding speaker for the price.

Volume control is perfect, and it does not lose any points here whatsoever. A fun little feature is that if there multiple people in the same room talking and using this, the led will light up on the side from which the person is talking.

Ease of use is its strongest point; to use it all you have to do is simply plug the speaker into your computer and done! No need for downloading drivers, just plug and play. Another thing that makes this even better is the portability, it is simple and easy to carry around thanks to the size, shape, and weigh.

Noise Cancellation has been made a priority here, with omnidirectional microphones meant for conference calls of up to four people, you can already imagine how well it will perform for a single person. With technologies like Acoustic echo cancellation; the Noise cancelling will be outstanding.


In general, you get great value when compared to what you pay for the speaker. Plug and play seem to be highlighted a lot here, and rightfully so, you do not need to deal with drivers.

Noise cancellation and the rest of the features are also good.

In Brief, this is correctly priced and offers excellent features.

  • Good price
  • Plug and play; no drivers or app needed.
  • No wireless option.



Jabra Speak 410

Jabra Speak 410


Just like how the Sennheiser sp 30 had a younger brother, the Jabra 510 do as well. The younger brother is called the Jabra Speak 410, and it is simple, small, and portable. If you can get it for a reasonable price, then it’s a bargain.

The Sound Quality gets the job done; it is not average in any sense; it is good but not excellent. However, it should fulfil your conference call needs with Ease; it can even multitask a little bit, so you are free to listen to music and not have a disappointing experience.

Volume control is found on the ring, with a sound that lets you know if you muted the Mic.

Just like the last speaker; the Ease of use works in the 410’s favour due to simple plug and play connectivity. Although it is recommended you download the drivers, you do not need to do that just to have an enjoyable experience.

Noise Cancellation is good, just about what you expect from Jabra, and since you will be working from home, the noise cancellation is essential in making sure you can appropriately do your work.

In Other Words, The Jabra Speak 410 makes for a useful speakerphone for a home office, thanks to a 360-degree microphone which makes sure that you do not have to stick your face into speaker just to be heard clearly.

You also get a carrying case, so you can carry around your speaker without having to worry about unintentionally scratching it, so the fact that you can move around with it without damaging the speaker makes this a quite a practical tool.

The best thing about this is the fact that you do not need to install drivers, so you can connect it to any device and start using it without any worries.

  • Simple Design
  • Nice Red LED lights.
  • On the pricier end.





If you want a feature-packed, simple, and reliable speaker, then go for the Jabra 510+ it delivers on everything.

Powerconf does everything the Jabra does and adds a power bank to it. You will need an app for the speaker, though.

The SP 20 has the exceptional audio quality and a wide range of options in terms of connectivity along with multipoint.

eMeet is the way to go if you are looking for a modern and feature-packed speaker at a reasonable price.

If you want a mix of two outstanding speakers that stands out and can hold its own, then look no further.

This is an excellent addition to your home office if you want exceptional audio quality and a worthy upgrade.

The Konftel has an excellent mic and brings good battery life, and quick charging to the table meaning the battery isn’t a problem

The SB3014 is perfect for any office; you get a dial pad and wireless microphones, which make this a very praiseworthy product and a practical tool.


The eMeet M0 is a very correctly priced speaker that offers the right features and is a simple plug and play.


The Jabra speak 410, is a simple yet very effective speakerphone with good audio a good microphone.



This list of best conference speakerphones had the best USB speakerphones, and the best Bluetooth Speakerphones also featured were plug and play speakers which made life a lot easier.

So since we all work from home time-time it is essential we work correctly and are not limited by hardware—Something this list precisely makes sure of.