How Do I Entertain My Toddler While Working From Home?

There was a time when I thought about “how do I entertain my toddler while working from home?”. In the past, there are not many ways to entertain toddlers while working from home. Working from home is very comfortable for women especially. A lot of women work from their homes and deal with kids as well.

Fortunately, there are many ways and techniques to entertain our toddlers while working from home quickly. Children, especially toddlers, want complete attention from their moms. They stay awake for a long time, and their energy is unbeatable. Mostly, moms having toddlers worry about their work at home.


AT this age, most kids learn a lot and try to copy their parents. They want to engage with their parents. So, give them quality time when you are free. Always provide them undivided time daily. Make your routine disciplined and organized so that you can perform tasks timely and adequately. It would be best if you kept an eye on your toddler’s doings.

Working at home is comfortable and easy but having little ones can make it difficult. So always try to make a plan of your daily routine the night before. But here are a few tips and techniques through which you can easily entertain your toddler and do your work from home.

Here are 17 proven ways to keep your toddlers busy while you are working.

Encouraging independent play

It will help, if you encourage independent play for your toddler. And it is also vital for his/her development. Playing independently gives some extra time to moms that are working from their homes. One of the great ways to busy your toddler is busy bags. There are many you can buy online. And as from their name, they keep toddlers busy while you can concentrate on your work.

Independent playing makes toddlers learn and seek about anything on their own. Additionally, this will help you engage your toddler as well, as you can efficiently perform your work at the proper time. The picking power of any child is dependent on their activities. So, to improve their picking power, you should design your child’s activities accordingly.

Getting up early in the morning

The most significant time to work is when your toddler is sleeping. You should wake up early in the morning and get your work done as we know that toddlers have good energy to engage you with them.

That’s why you should work when your little one is sleeping, as it motivates you. Most importantly, take a good breakfast before doing your home chores. Think about your working plans for the whole day and organize them as well.

Getting up early not only improves your health but also helps in doing your daily tasks timely. Even if you are not a working woman, you should also get up early in the morning. You can quickly notice changes in your health after getting up early in the morning for one week only.

Setting up a controlled baby playground

To get some time to work, you have to engage your toddler in playing or doing something interesting. For this, you can set up a controlled baby playground where your kid can play. Again, there are many types you can purchase online. The essential thing in this regard is that you should set that playground near to your workplace.

You become aware of what he is doing and play with your kid in that playground after your work has been done. It will help in the development of your kid with his parents.

Rotating toys regularly

All moms know that toddlers get bored quickly. We have to provide them different types of entertainment after a while. So that they can’t get bored easily. To not getting them bored quickly, rotate their toys regularly. Then they engage in their toys for some time at least.

Swapping off their toys does not mean that you have to buy new ones. But it means that you should rotate their toys. It will help you in engaging your toddlers for a long time.

Hiring a parent’s helper or baby sitter

Mostly, if you are working from home having a toddler, you should hire a helper for yourself. Hiring a babysitter is a must in some cases.

Your kid needs proper care at all times, and a babysitter can do that. And you can do your work properly if someone will present for your toddler’s consideration. Most people hire a full-day nanny for parents to help them in dealing with toddlers. You should also sit with the babysitter to tell them about your baby’s requirements.

If that is not possible at the moment you can find helpful information in our article  HOW CAN I WORK FROM HOME WITHOUT CHILDCARE?

Taking benefit from toddler’s nap time

Naptime plays a vital role in the process of development of your kid. It would help if you made a routine of naptime for your kid in the afternoon. It will help in improving your toddler’s health, and you will get some time to work. So, encourage a two to three hours naptime for your toddler.

Toddler’s nap time is ideal for any working lady to perform the task properly without any disturbance. It would help if you utilized it in a good way. Naptime is very much crucial for a child’s health. So, it very good if your child takes a nap in the afternoon.

Giving undivided attention to your toddler

Working from home is not always easy. It becomes challenging if you have a stubborn toddler with you. Kids are always determined at this stage of their age. They want the complete attention of their parents as well. If you ignore them, they will become more stubborn and will try until they become successful.

So, give them undivided attention when you are free. But if they want complete attention while you are working don’t ignore them. Please turn off your computer or laptop, and provide them your attention to understand your presence for some time.

After you send some time your toddler and gave them undivided attention you can give other toys and again focus on your work.

Setting a schedule according to the toddler’s activities

If you are working from your home and have a toddler, then always set a daily work plan. This schedule will help you to work accordingly. And you will not disturb.

Always make a plan on how your day goes on. Set the alarm and get up accordingly. It will be perfect if you wake up one to two hours before your baby wakes. Schedule your routine according to the toddler’s activities. Set your working hours in kid’s nap time.

Sticking to your schedule as well

After making a proper schedule according to your requirements and toddler’s activities, you must stick to it. Having a written plan in your diary is very important to follow it.

Schedules are negotiable and may change according to our requirements. You can make adjustments accordingly if you want to change. But sticking to your plan is very much crucial in dealing with daily chores as well as jobs.

Preparing snacks and meals the night before

Making snacks and meals in the morning takes a lot of time. If you have to make breakfast for the whole family, then it will be tough for you to do the entire work in the morning. So, it will be the best thing to make all preparations for your breakfast the night before. You can make breakfast quickly, and it saves your morning time.

Always make preparations before you are getting into some work. To do your office work properly, make sure to take proper breakfast on time.

Bathing your toddler

Toddlers always want attention from their parents. When they are starting to tease you, it means they want more attention from your side. And it will be your duty to deal with them properly at that time. Give them proper time.

If you can, play with them in a pool. Playing with them in a pool seems like a trip but with no picnic bags and bathing jackets. But this will surely make them happy. They will feel special for you. At the same time it will make them tired and you can use their nap time to get some work done.

Giving your toddler colors to play

Toddlers love colors. They draw different funny images of what they see. Mostly, they love to play with colors. Playing with colors sharpens their abilities and their mind. It also engages them, and thus you can perform your task efficiently.

Drawing is the favorite hobby of most toddlers. They draw funny pictures that we can’t even understand. But it improves their picking power and sharpens their abilities and mind.

Playing cartoons on T.V. for some time

Children can easily engage in watching cartoons and baby acting. Children, especially toddlers, always want to discover new things. Usually, they get bored quickly. So, try them to keep busy. It would be best if you made their routine of watching T.V. cartoons daily for only some time. It will help you engage your child for some time, and you can easily do your work.

But don.t allow your toddlers to watch T.V for more than half an hour as this disturbs their eyes side. It will also affect their development.

Giving them colorful storybooks

Toddlers like colorful things, and they can easily engage in them. Women who are working from their homes can easily engage their toddlers by giving them colorful books. It will improve their thinking level and enhance their picking power as well.

Working from home is very good but having toddlers makes this task difficult. So, always try to make your toddlers busy and engaged.

Construction Play

There are so many toys in the markets for kids nowadays. Parents should choose constructive and colorful toys so that their children will play with them interestingly. They will quickly become engaged in constructing different types of houses. Baby girls engage in making dollhouses of Barbie dolls.

Construction with toys improves toddler’s coordination between brain and hands. This will also improve their eye coordination with their hands. Toys like these can easily make children happy. So, in their engaging time, working women can efficiently perform their tasks properly.

Playing with them on the playground

Children love playing with their parents. They want proper time and care from their parents. After completing your daily tasks, always play with your toddlers in the playground. Playing with them makes them feel better.

They become delighted. So, give them proper time and engage them with yourself. If you are busy, then allow them to play with the babysitter or helper to get bored.

Engage your toddlers with grandparents

Children can easily attach and engage with their grandparents. If you have your parents at your home, then you are fortunate in this regard. Grandparents make their grandchildren happier. In most homes, grandparents take care of their grandchildren if their parents are working.

During your working hours, you can give your toddlers to their grandparents. In this way, you can get your time for your work. It is the best way to take care of your toddlers and work correctly. Children always learn a lot from their elders. So, always company your children and allow them to company their grandparents. Never let your toddlers play lonely.


A lot of women in this world take care of their children while doing a job. It is a very common thing nowadays. Working at home is very comfortable. Most people, including men, prefer online tasks to perform. It will help them to keep an eye on their children and their homes. We all know that we have to perform our functions correctly at a proper time. But having children, especially toddlers, at home makes your job challenging and more annoying. So, you have to deal with your children first correctly. Then you can efficiently perform your tasks at the proper time.

Also, this helps a lot in the developmental process of your toddlers. Proper time is significant in this regard as well. That’s why you give them your undivided time and adequate attention. They will feel better as well.

Above mentioned tips and ways are proved very effective in engaging your children at home. All suggestions and methods are designed according to the toddler’s interests. They can quickly get busy while having those colors, colorful books, or playing in the playground of their type.

Always keep an eye on your children, especially your toddlers. They always try different things that are not even good for them. So, accompany them or allow them to attend their grandparents. So, make sure to take care of your toddlers while working as well.